‘Younger’ Creator Promises a ‘Really Satisfying’ Season 7

Sutton Foster Younger Season 6 Episode 9 Liza
Courtesy of TV Land

Saying goodbye to a TV show is hard, and fans may have to do just that after Younger‘s upcoming seventh season. But creator Darren Star promises that if they do, it will be “satisfying.”

“Yeah, we have been thinking of this as a possible last season for a while, and we still are,” he tells TV Insider. “I think it’s going to be a really satisfying season for everyone that’s been watching the show for the past seven seasons.” That means that the season will include Liza’s (Sutton Foster) answer to Charles’ (Peter Hermann) proposal as well as set up Kelsey’s (Hilary Duff) potential spinoff.

And as they’re planning it to possibly be the end, “we’re going to make sure we go out in a very satisfying way,” Star adds. But as it hasn’t officially been decided if Season 7 will be it, “a couple scenarios are on the table” for the ending.

“We’re going to see a lot of characters we’ve seen over the past number of seasons and there are going to be some new, unexpected relationship turns,” he previews of the upcoming season.

While COVID has “nothing to do” with the series potentially ending this season, it did prevent them from beginning production in April like planned, Star says. Now, they’re slated to start filming on October 12.

And while you wait for new Younger, you can check out Star’s new show, Emily in Paris, coming to Netflix on October 2.

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