Netflix Finally Announces ‘Lucifer’ Season 5 Return (VIDEO)

Lucifer Season 5

Holy hell, AUGUST?

It’s been one year, a month and two weeks since Netflix delivered unto us the fourth season of Lucifer, after rescuing it from the fires of Fox’s cancellation pit. And ever since then — May 8, 2019 — we have been waiting on word about Season 5. And now… we have to wait even longer.

The show’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts, @LuciferNetflix, has just announced that the first eight episodes of Lucifer’s fifth (and maybe not-so-final?) season will finally rise on Friday, August 21. In keeping with the cheeky tone of Tom Ellis‘s titular devil, the news came with a supercut of Luci’s randiest moments that runs a fitting 66.6 seconds long.

Last seen leaving Earth to rule Hell and stave off a demon invasion, Lucifer first shared a moment with his true first love Chloe (Lauren German), who declared her love for him. How that has impacted his reign down below is as uncertain as to whether Det. Decker will be able to forgive him for skipping town.

Although, showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich’s comments to TV Guide Magazine last year have us a bit concerned. When asked if the notoriously naughty Lucifer would be able to forego the many temptations of the original Sin City, Henderson laughed, “You send an alcoholic to a liquor store and tell them to run it for 20 years? Who knows what [will] happen!”

Guess we’ll have to wait until August 21. It’s gonna be a long, hot summer, kids.

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