‘Married at First Sight’: 16 Key Moments From ‘Forever or Never’ (RECAP)

Married at First Sight season 10
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight Season 10, Episode 15, “Forever or Never”]

The drama building to Married at First Sight‘s 10th season finale continued as the couples near Decision Day (taking place next week).

Needless to say, it was time to reflect and think about the reasons why they want to stay together or leave one another, hence the episode title “Forever or Never.” Below, we’re breaking down all of the major news and notes from the episode, but beware of spoilers.

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Pillow Chat with Taylor and Meka

Married at First Sight Meka Taylor

(Credit: Lifetime)

When the episode begins, Meka and Taylor discuss their issues about Michael and Brandon who threw off their group retreat. While Brandon remains distant, Michael is still on site and Taylor tells Meka that he had a heart-to-heart with her about Brandon, claiming the man cares about his wife. Meka, on the other hand, vents that Michael never speaks that easily to her even though she’s his wife. When it comes time to depart, Michael is quiet and distant towards Meka and everyone in the house notices.

Rescue Mission

Married at First Sight Katie Season 10

(Credit: Lifetime)

When Katie and Derek leave the retreat house, she begs her hubby to pull over after spotting a turtle in the road. Claiming she’s trying to tap into her child-like self, Katie says she wants to rescue the creature, bringing it into the car with them and aptly naming the animal Cal after expert Pastor Cal Roberson. The unexpected moment boots the couple’s mood in the process.

Picky Date

MAFS season 10 michael meka

(Credit: Lifetime)

Before returning home, Michael takes Meka on an apple picking date that includes a hay ride along with a picnic. Other than being silent for the most part, Michael doesn’t please Meka when he decides which sandwich she’ll eat for lunch based on what he wants, leading her to ask “How’s this trying?” when it comes to their marriage. Their resulting car ride home isn’t pleasant as she calls out his ignoring of her to which he counters he’s been carrying their marriage for the first five weeks. Needless to say, the tenseness doesn’t dissipate.

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Married at First Sight Season 10 Katie Derek

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Katie and Derek have a vineyard date where they taste wine and discuss their upcoming decision. Katie thinks they’re in a better place after hashing things out at the group retreat; meanwhile Derek tells her he hopes she’ll say yes on Decision Day. Still unsure, Katie admits she’s still thinking about it but agrees to put a lock given to them by the vineyard on a nearby bridge, promising to make each other happy whether they’re together or not. Despite the uncertainty in their future, they do decide to release their turtle Cal after deciding it was best for the animal to remain in the wild.


Married at First Sight Season 10 michael

(Credit: Lifetime)

Michael and Meka continue to hash things out at home where she complains that she thinks he does things to intentionally upset her. In his defense, he reminds her that the death of his uncle has caused some upset in the last few days and that her less than supportive response left him upset. Meka apologizes for not handling the situation better and it seems like things have mellowed.

Still Hope

MAFS season 10 taylor

(Credit: Lifetime)

When it’s time for the pairs to meet with friends and family individually, Taylor dishes on her situation with Brandon to her circle. They’re horrified to hear about his behavior and even more disturbed to learn Taylor’s considering saying yes on Decision Day, claiming Brandon’s different behind the scenes. We then are shown footage from Taylor’s home cameras in which the pair are relaxing in the apartment together. But will that be enough to sustain something long term?

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Austin & Jessica’s Hangups

MAFS season 10 jessica

(Credit: Lifetime)

When Austin meets with a friend about his marriage, he says things have been good for him and Jessica with the only hangup being her saying “I love you” too soon and taking issue with his work schedule. Meanwhile, when Jessica meets with her twin, she brings up the same issues from the opposing side, claiming she’ll be devastated if Austin doesn’t say “I love you” back to her on Decision Day and that his work schedule concerns her after past issues in long distance relationships.

Michael & Meka’s Communication

Married at First Sight Season 10 meka

(Credit: Lifetime)

When Michael meets with his sister, she calls him out for lying to Meka, asking if it’s true what she heard about his behavior. He admits that he has lied and she tells him he’s making things harder for himself that way. He admits he can do better and thinks that past trauma has triggered his poor reactions this season. Meanwhile, Meka vents to her mother, who supports both her and Michael, hoping they can work things out.

Are Katie & Derek Too Different?

Married at First Sight Season 10 Derek

(Credit: Lifetime)

Derek meets with his father and sister ahead of Decision Day and tells them he plans and hopes to make the marriage work, but Katie’s behavior concerns him, saying they might have clashing personalities. His dad says you can’t change people, but if you can accept them as they are he’ll likely be able to make it work. As for Katie, she meets with her dad and step-mom and complains that Derek is childish, but her father defends the young man, saying he thinks Derek’s nice and among the finest men to be with his daughter, wondering aloud if she’s always so amped up toward her new husband as she is during their get together.

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Better Footing

MAFS michael and meka

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During their final date night before they meet again for Decision Day, Michael and Meka chat about the situation. She brings up that he’s been home a lot more, and this leads him to reveal he’s given his 2 weeks notice at his current job, which concerns her, but she does seem pleased he’s being honest. Michael apologizes for not having been as good as he could be for her and tells her he believes in their marriage. The evening leaves off on a good note as the pair talk about their favorite beverages.

Debate Gone Wrong

MAFS austin jessica

(Credit: Lifetime)

Jessica and Austin’s date doesn’t go as well when their issues discussed with their friends and family are aired at the dinner table. While she thinks he’s being unreasonable about work and the “I love you” situation, Austin thinks Jess is being inconsiderate of his life. Let’s just say things don’t get better for the once promising couple.

Clearing the Air Without Regrets

MAFS season 10 derek katie

(Credit: Lifetime)

Katie and Derek’s dinner sees them reflect on their favorite moments from the MAFS experience, including their one month anniversary and their wedding. He admits he’s scared about the future and she wonders if they’re on the same page emotionally. Revealing he’s been quiet about his doubts, Katie says she wishes they had more time to connect before deciding their next step. She tells him that while she’s still unsure, she doesn’t want him to be shy about calling her out on things. When they go home and climb into bed, she asks him to be “emotionally naked” and in doing so he tells her he’s worried, admitting off camera that it feels like Katie’s rooting for them to fail. Pleased with his openness, she feels better about them and they cuddle, claiming there’s no regrets over this experience whether they stay married or not.

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Leaving Things on a Bad Note

MAFS season 10 jessica austin

(Credit: Lifetime)

Jessica and Austin go to turn in for the night and proceed to get in a big fight about their dinner and the subjects discussed there. Essentially Austin feels like Jessica is unhappy with his job itself and therefore him, while she claims it’s only the schedule that’s bothering her. When they take off in different corners of the apartment, they separately reveal their frustrations, with him being annoyed about her feeling the need to do everything together. As for Jessica, she’s feeling iffy about Decision Day after they leave things on such a bad note.

Passing Grade?

MAFS Season 10 meka michael

(Credit: Lifetime)

Michael and Meka get ready for the night and ask what grade they’d give themselves when it came to the job they’ve done in the marriage. Meka gives herself a B and Michael gives himself a C+. Hopeful the good vibes last, the pair turn in.


MAFS season 10 taylor

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Taylor packs up her apartment alone and gets ready for bed, revealing that she hopes her and Brandon can make it work but she’s uncertain about him showing up on Decision Day due to his camera issues.

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Married at First Sight Season 10 katie derek

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Before Decision Day, the couples spend an evening apart to think, and before parting ways, Derek and Katie fill out the first task on their shared bucket list, settling on learning to sail. Meanwhile, things between Austin and Jessica are tense as they bid farewell to one another.

What will happen when Decision Day rolls around? Find out next week when Married at First Sight airs.

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