How to Follow the ‘MAFS’ Season 10 Couples on Social Media (PHOTOS)

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MAFS s10 cast
Daniel Dorsa/Lifetime
Daniel Dorsa/Lifetime

Derek Sherman

Mr. Never-Been-in-Love, Derek, has accounts on Instagram at @drockingsherm, Twitter at @DrockingSherm and Facebook. All of them are currently private, but that status could change when the season is through.

Daniel Dorsa/Lifetime

Katie Conrad

Young and driven Katie’s on Instagram at @katieecon and Facebook. Like her husband, Katie’s accounts are also private at the moment.

Daniel Dorsa/Lifetime

Meka Jones

The accomplished Meka is present on both Instagram at @_solobliss and Facbeook. Her profiles are currently private.

Daniel Dorsa/Lifetime

Michael Watson

Ambitious in his own right, Michael keeps a low profile online with an Instagram account at @mike2130. The account is currently set to private.

Daniel Dorsa/Lifetime

Austin Hurd

The self-proclaimed mama’s boy has a presence on Instagram at @ahurd103 as well as Facebook. Both profiles are currently private.

Daniel Dorsa/Lifetime

Jessica Studer

Ever the optimist, Jessica’s presence online is minimal as she has a private Facebook account.

Daniel Dorsa/Lifetime

Mindy Shiben

This athlete is online through Facebook and Twitter at @mindy_shiben. Both accounts are currently private.

Daniel Dorsa/Lifetime

Zach Justice

The model and personal trainer is active on social media, his public Instagram is @thecasualathlete, on Twitter at @thejusticemodel and Facebook.

Daniel Dorsa/Lifetime

Taylor Dunklin

This medical professional doesn’t seem to have any obvious profiles, but stay tuned for any updates.

Daniel Dorsa/Lifetime

Brandon Reid

This chill guy doesn’t have any obvious profiles on social media, but check back to see if anything pops up.

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Married at First Sight Season 10 is currently underway, and if following the cast in weekly episodes isn’t enough, there’s a solution — social media.

In this age of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, it’s easy to find the couples at the center of the tenth season of the Lifetime series. Keep tabs on the latest news and notes by checking out their profiles.

We’ve made it easy for you by rounding up where you can find Derek and Katie, Jessica and Austin, Brandon and Taylor, Mindy and Zach, and Michael and Meka in the gallery above. It should be noted that most of their profiles are currently private, but as the season approaches its end, that’s likely to change.

Click through the gallery above to see how you can keep up to date with the couples online.

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