‘The Baker and the Beauty’ Is ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ Meets ‘Notting Hill’

The Baker and the Beauty Series Premiere Preview
ABC/Guy D'Alema

What the world needs now is love, sweet love. In this Miami-set romance, you’ll find it between world-famous fashion mogul Noa Hamilton and blue-collar baker Daniel Garcia (Nathalie Kelley and Victor Rasuk, above).

After meeting by chance, the fledgling couple go through all the relatable growing pains. “There is that moment early on when you are deciding if this is something that could be real,” says Baker and the Beauty exec producer Dean Georgaris, who describes the dramedy as My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets Notting Hill. “Then there are natural things like jealousy — made trickier if that ex happens to be a movie star — or meeting the parents, also made trickier if that tight-knit family is skeptical of the woman you happen to be bringing home.”

Daniel’s devotion to his Cuban clan, particularly savvy teen sister Natalie (Belissa Escobedo), is one thing Noa finds especially attractive about him, having grown up with a shattered family.

“She wrestles with the fact that she isn’t really sure what love is,” Georgaris says. For Kelley, the character’s many layers were a big draw. “She’s so much more than a [pretty] face,” says the Latina actress, who was raised in Sydney. “She’s a brilliant businesswoman, a philanthropist, and a humanitarian.” But those words wouldn’t fit in the title.

Nathalie Kelley The Baker and the Beauty Noa Hamilton

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The Baker and the Beauty, Series Premiere, Monday, April 13, 10/9c, ABC