‘The Bachelor: Women Tell All’: Victoria F. Denies ‘Breaking Up Marriages’ (RECAP)

What Happened on The Bachelor Women Tell All
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It’s officially time for The Bachelor: Women Tell All special which means all of the memorable faces from Peter Weber’s Bachelorseason (well, except Kelley and Natasha) will reunite once more to argue over champagne bottles and other pointless nonsense. But before we get into the drama between Kelsey, Tammy and the rest of the group, we cut to a clip from the most recent rose ceremony in Australia, and Madison is no where to be found.

Chris Harrison pulls Peter aside to ask him what’s wrong — as if he doesn’t already know.

“I don’t know if she’s going to be able to continue this with me right now,” the pilot tells him after explaining the whole no-sex-ultimatum thing that he conveniently ignored. “This could be it right now.”


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A very distraught looking Peter makes his way over to the rose ceremony where Victoria F. and Hannah Ann are seen standing alone. But a few moments later, Madison turns the corner and walks over to Chris Harrison. She tells him she’s unsure of what to do after learning that Peter was intimate with the other women, but heads over to the rose ceremony regardless.

Peter breaks down in tears as he hands his final two roses to Hannah Ann and Madison, but when he calls out Madi’s name, she hesitates almost as if she’s unwilling to accept it. Eventually, she does agree to accept the rose, which ultimately seals Victoria F.’s fate.

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“I just want you to know how real everything was for me,” Peter tells the controversial star as he walks her out. “I was falling in love with you.”

When Peter returns to his final two, Madison gives the champagne toast. “Cheers to seeing if love can conquer all,” she says. We will see, Madison, we will see…

Now, back to the Women Tell All!

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Kelsey vs. Tammy

The attention then gets directed to Kelsey and Tammy, who had their fair share of drama this season. Tammy immediately throws Kelsey under the bus for crying excessively. “Whether we were close or not, you weren’t doing OK and I was concerned for you,” Tammy explains, adding that she felt she had a problem with alcohol and made it a point to tell Peter.

Kelsey breaks down in tears, telling Tammy that it’s not fair for her to compare her to an alcoholic, as alcoholism is a serious disease. “By you putting that out there now I am labeled as something I’m not. It’s also very rude to those people who go through those diseases who watch the show and feel belittled and ashamed of the disease they have,” she tells her.

Kelsey takes the hot seat

The blonde beauty can’t help but get emotional while the montage of her relationship with Peter plays on screen. “With Peter, he makes you feel so important and so loved and so special. I learned a lot from Peter,” she says.

“Emotions are a good thing. Men and women should be empowered by that and vulnerability. And for Peter to appreciate my vulnerability and not run when I cry, because I seem to have cried every conversation with him, that meant a lot to me,” she adds.

Kelsey Women Tell All


And since she’s proud of wearing her heart on her sleeve, Ashley Iaconetti, who’s been known to shed a tear or two during her time on The Bachelor, comes out to surprise her. She gives Kelsey a warm hug, telling her that she’s so proud of her for representing emotional women and standing up to the haters. She gifts her with a giant bottle of champagne, to make up for the #ChampagneGate saga earlier in the season.

Victoria F. takes the hot seat

Next up in the hot seat is Victoria F., who was a lightening rod for controversy this season between her rollercoaster relationship with Peter and the horrifying rumors about her that were brought up by Peter’s ex. Right off the bat, Chris asks Victoria why she struggled to communicate with the pilot throughout the season.

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“It breaks my heart because I wish I would’ve let him love me the way he wanted to sooner. I can’t go back,” she says. “I just thought there’s no way that he’s this good. It was easier for me to push him away.”

But ultimately, she admits she’s learned from watching herself back on television. “It has been the biggest learning experience for me. I can’t change the past I can only move forward. And I hate some of the ways I acted,” she adds while breaking down in tears. “He put up with a lot. It’s hard because at the end of this i’m going through a breakup and I get it but it’s just hard. All of it’s hard.”

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She also addresses the rumors that were spread about her this season — specifically that she’s broken up several marriages in her past. “That was extremely frustrating to me,” she says, before outwardly denying the rumors. “I think this is somebody who just didn’t like me and she wanted to come on the show. I think it’s just hard to have this guy that I’m dating who could potentially be my husband now think that about me. Once that’s out there, people think that about you.”

“I definitely could’ve handled it better, obviously… I could’ve handled the whole f**king season better,” she says with a laugh.

Peter takes the hot seat

Finally, Peter comes out to face a room full of his exes — specifically Victoria F., who Chris invites to sit up with him in the hot seat so they can get closure.

Peter Women Tell All


“I want to say thank you for how patient you were this whole entire season. Also, I’m sorry. I put you through hell and you didn’t always deserve it,” she tells him. “I’m just glad there’s no animosity because I adore you. I know I learned so much from you and our relationship and I’ll carry that into my next relationship.”

“I always say love is patient when you find someone you truly care about,” he replies.

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Throughout his time in the hot seat, women from the season question him for “rewarding” women who were dramatic on the season. But ultimately, he tells everyone that while he made mistakes throughout the season, he was just following his heart with his choices.

Rachel Lindsay talks racism and online bullying

In a very necessary change of pace, former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay takes the stage alongside Chris to discuss a very serious topic that has impacted countless contestants from the show.

“The issue we’re going to discuss today is sadly something that most of us have experienced and that’s online harassment and it’s hate. It’s so unfortunate because people have become so comfortable being mean,” she says. “If we’re ever going to fix this problem, we have to acknowledge the problem.”

Rachel Lindsay Women Tell All

The 34-year-old read actual messages that were sent to cast members, which include extremely hateful language.

“I know this is uncomfortable for you to see, just imagine how uncomfortable for you to get this in your comments, in your DMs, every day, every week, every month,” she admits.

Women from the season weighed in with their own experiences of online bullying, including Tammy, who claims she received death threats to her work e-mail and Sydney who reveals she was attacked for her ethnicity.

Rachel went on to remind the women that they’re not alone — and that they’re powerful for sharing their stories and being vulnerable.

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