‘The Bachelor: Women Tell All’ Sneak Peek: Kelsey Confronts Tammy (VIDEO)

It’s about to go down on Monday’s The Bachelor: The Women Tell All special!

The annual reunion of contestants — this time featuring Peter Weber‘s Season 24 batch — will see the most buzzed-about women hash out their longstanding drama from filming. One of those controversial gals is none other than the outspoken Tammy, and TV Insider has an exclusive sneak peek at the Syracuse realtor being confronted by Kelsey and the other women for her behavior.

Things start to heat up as Chris Harrison notes how Tammy initially consoled the emotional beauty queen but “things really shifted” when they got to Costa Rica. So what happened? “I know that Kelsey was upset when Sydney went off on her one-on-one. Like, whether we were close or not, you weren’t doing OK and I was concerned,” Tammy begins.

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But fellow contestant Lexi isn’t buying it, as she chimes in, “Where was the concern in Cleveland when you moved out of her hotel room because you were talking mad s**t about her?”

Kelsey then breaks her silence on the topic, elaborating that she and Tammy roomed together in Cleveland. Then, when she was on her one-on-one date with Peter, Tammy apparently went to Mykenna’s room and had some choice words to say about her.

The Bachelor Women Tell All 2020


“You were like, ‘She cries too much. When is she is she not f**king crying? And if it’s about 20,000 times, then you take your one moment on camera,” Mykenna dishes.

“Not everybody is looking for the camera 24-7, Mykenna!” little-seen contestant Maurissa chimes in.

“You went home night one, you can’t…” Mykenna shoots back, spurring a lively reaction out of the audience. Watch the clip above to see it all go down and find out how Maurissa responded!

The Bachelor: The Women Tell All, Monday, March 2, 8/7c, ABC