‘The Bachelor’ Episode 2: A Bottle of Champagne Comes Between the Women (RECAP)

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Episode 2 of The Bachelor picks up right where we left off from last week — with Hannah Brown in need of a tissue and this season’s lead Peter Weber in need of some serious clarity.

“I can’t help feel what I feel, I just do. You’re the one who said no to me. I’ve never said no to you,” he tells her after asking if she’ll join the show and fight for a chance to be with him. Hannah never really gives Peter a direct answer to that, but she slowly comes to the realization that she chose a country singer with a girlfriend and a celeb-chasing model over this perfect dream guy.

The star-crossed lovers sit with their faces inches away from one another — almost as if they’re seeing who will make the first move. But neither of them do. They hug. They cry. They hug some more. They somehow wrap up this emotional AF conversation, say goodbye, and seem to be totally fine… what just happened here?


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We cut to the girls on the group date — did y’all remember we’re on a group date? Me either. So, Peter tells the women about their in depth conversation and is so emotionally distraught, he actually cancels the daytime portion of the date. Instead, he wants to take a breather and meet up with the group later on in the evening.

At the night time portion, Peter apologizes to the girls and says he wants to focus on the future… without Hannah. The girls seem skeptical that he’s actually over his past and honestly seem pretty pissed. Natasha is one of the women who vocalizes her issue with Hannah. “Every time we’ve seen you, we’ve seen Hannah,” she tells him. Fair… but that’s not so crazy considering this is the second time she’s seeing him.

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Sydney ends up nabbing the group date rose after sharing a kiss with him. Bravo, Syd… let’s hope he wasn’t thinking about Hannah during that smooch.

The cocktail party.

Later on, Peter and the remaining women reunite at the mansion. Kelsey plans to pull Peter aside and share a sacred year-old champagne bottle with him. Apparently the bottle “shows her heart and what she wants.” She wants alcohol, I guess. But right as she’s about to pull him aside, McKenna, who was on the group date earlier and already got time with him, pulls him aside — and that’s like, totally not cool.

But it’s not McKenna that Kelsey needs to look out for, it’s Hannah Ann, who ends up opening Kelsey’s bottle of champagne with Peter. LIKE SOME KIND OF MONSTER. So okay, I’m not exactly sure it’s Kelsey’s bottle or just another bottle that was strategically placed there by producers, but either way, Kelsey is PISSED. You can’t just just walk around opening bottles of champagne like you own the place, Hannah. Not on Kelsey’s watch.


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“I’m over you trying to act like you’re Miss Innocent,” she tells her before calling her a fake b-tch.

Kelsey eventually gets her time with Peter and they finally do open up a bottle of champagne (which bottle of champagne, you ask? I don’t know and I don’t care), but it doesn’t go nearly as planned. To say the whole thing ends up blowing up in her face is an understatement…

Finally, it’s time for the rose ceremony…


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Who goes home tonight on The Bachelor?

So first thing’s first, Peter tells the room full of women that he knows his wife is in the room. A bit of an odd statement to make considering 15 minutes ago, he thought his wife was Hannah.

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Ultimately it’s Lauren, Payton, and Courtney who are sent home during the rose ceremony — which means virtually nothing because they didn’t get any air time and I had to look up who they actually were. See ya, ladies.

The group date

Alexa, McKenna, Natasha, Deandra, Lexi, Victoria F., Hannah Ann, and Kelsey are invited on the next group date, where they model Revolve clothing in a fashion show. I’m a little surprised by this date, as most girls post-Bachelor end up working with brands like Revolve, so this seems a little premature.


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The fashion show kicks off and the girls are actually competing with one another. One lucky girl will win $20,000 worth of Revolve clothes — which seems like a great way to kickstart the new social media influencer life she’s about to have.

Victoria F. seems the most nervous. She admits she doesn’t have an outgoing personality and isn’t comfortable with getting on stage with all eyes on her. “It’s hard for me to be confident in front of guys. It’s overwhelming because other girls outshine me,” she says. But even with the nerves, she makes it down the runway and totally owns it — even going in for a kiss with Peter while mid-walk.

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Hannah Ann also does well in the runway show, and the two girls are chosen as the final two of the competition. They both do a final walk down the runway — and ultimately it’s Hannah who takes home the win.

Hannah Ann Bachelor

Hannah Ann. (ABC/Eric McCandless)

Later in the evening, Victoria F. breaks down crying to Peter. She tells him she wants to feel seen and she feels super insecure. “This is so hard,” she tells him through tears. Peter pulls her in to comfort her. He reassures that he likes her and notices her. It’s clear she’s on his radar, even if she’s feeling like she’s getting lost in the bunch.

Kelsey is another one who gets some alone time with Peter and… surprise, surprise… they pop a bottle of champagne. I don’t know who told Kelsey that champagne was “her thing” but I’m pretty sure it’s been a staple on this show since, like 2004.

Hannah Ann also gets to pull Peter aside and she spends her time with him bashing Kelsey. She tells him how she felt bullied by Kelsey after the whole champagne debacle. Peter reminds her that he has a strong connection with her and tells her he’s not going to tolerate bullying in the house.

When it comes time to hand out the group date rose, that rose goes to Victoria F. After handing out the rose, he immediately asks Kelsey to talk and confronts her about Hannah Ann’s concerns.

“I didn’t have a problem with her until she did what she did,” she says in her defense. “I don’t like her. She knows that. She’s trying to play the victim card and she acts a certain way to you.”

But it doesn’t seem like Peter is buying it… the episode wraps and it looks like we’ll have to wait to see how this Hannah Ann/Kelsey drama unfolds next week. One thing’s for sure tonight… Peter is ready to move on from Hannah B. Magically.


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