Host William Shatner Previews the Mysteries Explored in ‘The UnXplained’ Season 2

William Shatner Hosts the UnXplained

William Shatner returns this Saturday to captain another season of History’s non-fiction series The UnXplained. The Star Trek legend executive produces, hosts and lends his recognizable voice to the show that goes deep into the rabbit hole, exploring a slew of unique, at times other-worldly, topics and overarching themes. The award-winning actor takes viewers on a journey, answering questions while creating new ones born out of insight from experts, witnesses and others who can tell these enthralling stories.

“We’re surrounded by mystery,” Shatner said. “Why is the universe expanding, life after death, those are the big ones. Then there are the unexplored mysteries. For example, a man has an accident and is in a coma for a few weeks. He comes out of it and is able to play the piano like a concert pianist. He has never had a piano lesson in his life and is able to play with remarkable ability. The unexplored, unexpected mysteries of the brain.

“When 9/11 happened, several people had the vision of planes crashing into towers and then dying. They spoke it and then they died. More than once. Several people had a clairvoyant experience. That’s the mystery. Are there other universes? Has the future already happened in the past? And that’s what we’re doing with this show.”

William Shatner

The premiere sees brothers Rick and Marty Lagina in search of a treasure on mysterious Oak Island that many have failed and even died over the course of more than 200 years to find. The first episode is timed perfectly as Shatner appeared on the February 25th episode of The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down. He sat in the war room with the brothers and other crew to delve further into the obscure destination off the coast of Nova Scotia. The star enjoyed further collaborating with the series’ creator Kevin Burns, who also brought us Ancient Aliens.

“I went to Oak Island to explore because they say there is a curse and treasure there. They discovered certain things that make a mystery to what is going on,” he said. “For example, they think the Knights Templar took their treasure with them when they were being killed. They may have buried that on Oak Island. That treasure may have financed the American Revolution.

“There is evidence pointing in that way. There are several mysteries on Oak Island that I examined wondering what the answers were. That’s the nature of our show. The unexpected, unexplored where we try to offer an explanation. There is an explanation. It’s just we don’t know it. That is tantalizing. It’s hanging right there in front of us. All that we need is some other fact to have to solve that mystery.”

Before more of The UnXplained is uncovered, Shatner previews the upcoming episodes and catches us up on his nonstop career adventures.

Do you remember any mysteries you sought the answers to as a child?

William Shatner: Always. And I’m a voracious reader, so I keep suggesting mysteries that I figure are fascinating. How did the Polynesians do all that sailing and discovering remote islands? They settled the whole Pacific long before the Europeans came. They couldn’t navigate the wide Pacific, but the Polynesians did. Underground, there is so much happening in caves and bunkers and people buried there. An evil forest where people go to commit suicide. Is there such a thing as a curse? So many topics to explore.

Besides Oak Island, this season goes into cults, lost civilizations, dark prophecies. Is there any mystery in particular that sticks out to you?

The guy with the piano stood out to me. The clairvoyance with people having strange experiences that have no explanation. What could possibly explain somebody with a premonition of the future? There is one where a kid has no eyes but can see, can echolocate where the brain is rewired. How did that happen? There is one where the kid has no ears but can hear. Our five senses where there is a sixth. We examine that as well. Our five senses are supposed to acquaint us with reality, but our senses are always being fooled. How are they being fooled. What is reality?

All these mystical questions that mankind has been asking through the ages with new questions. We look at them with awe and wonder. We try to understand what is so much beyond our capability of not only understanding but seeing and feeling. We don’t know anything. Ninety-five percent of the universe is composed of black matter and black energy. We don’t know what it is.

William Shatner

A fellow Starfleet leader in Patrick Stewart is remaining active returning to the Star Trek universe in Star Trek: Picard. What do you think of him stepping back into that world?

I’m happy for him. He seems to want to do it. I’m glad for that. It looks like the show is having wonderful success. I wish him well. He is a wonderful guy.

You’ve kept a pulse on Star Trek and its ever-evolving legacy through your many appearances at movie screenings and comic conventions. Have you been approached in recent years about stepping back in uniform? Is that something that would interest you in this stage of the game?

I’ve been approached in the past, but I don’t want to do another series like that. I’m so happy doing [The UnXplained] and the things I’m doing right now.

You’re going to be 89 in a few weeks and are as busy as ever. What does it feel like to have all these new and exciting projects to dig into?

Here I am, blundering on wondering what is on the other side of life.

If you had to, how do you explain your longevity?

Probably good genes, if you give a practical answer, but I am curious. I’ve led my life in curiosity. Can I do such and such? Can I do a blues album? I just finished one. Can I ride competitively still? And I am. It’s just the fact that these things are in front of me. Then the question is can I do them, and I do them. I’m going on tour next week for two weeks in Europe with a new city each day. Can I do it? I’m looking at it with some apprehension.

The UnXplained, Season 2 premieres Saturday, February 29, 10/9c, History