First Look: William Shatner Visits the Laginas on History’s ‘Oak Island’ (VIDEO)

William Shatner The Curse of Oak Island

Count William Shatner among the fans intrigued by Oak Island, the theories of what invaluable artifacts could be buried there and, of course, the curse that says seven treasure-seekers must die before any real trove can be found.

The Star Trek legend gets the chance to ask all his burning questions in February 25’s insightful episode of History’s The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down —a great one for first-time viewers to start with. And TV Insider has an exclusive first look at Shatner’s appearance via new photos and a sneak peek clip!

William Shatner Curse of Oak Island Drilling Down


“I was a bit cynical about the whole thing,” the Emmy winner admits with a laugh. “But it turns out that the real interest in the show is not the treasure but the findings, the journey and the people that come seeking the fortune.”

When Shatner made his way to the southern shore of Nova Scotia last September, he headed straight to the War Room to grill brothers Rick and Marty Lagina, who have spearheaded the hunt since 2006, along with their team of experts. Off-camera, he also visited various excavation sites, including the current focus of Oak Island’s seventh season: a mysterious, possibly man-made swamp where they have already uncovered ancient tools.

William Shatner Curse of Oak Island Drilling Down


Shatner hosts his own mystery-filled History series, The UnXplained (returning February 29 at 9/8c), so he knows better than anyone that you can be both skeptical and curious.

“The same thing applies to aliens,” he says. “We have never taken a picture of a little green man walking the earth, but there’s enough going on in the skies that at least makes you think, ‘What’s going on?’ That’s the question that applies to the treasure of Oak Island.”

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William Shatner Looks for Answers to Inexplicable Mysteries on 'The UnXplained'

The legendary 'Star Trek' actor previews his History Channel series, which premieres Friday, July 19.

Watch an exclusive sneak peek at Shatner’s visit with the Laginas:

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