William Shatner Looks for Answers to Inexplicable Mysteries on ‘The UnXplained’

History Channel

He’s boldly gone where no man has gone before. Now, William Shatner wants to answer the questions no man (or woman) has answered.

The Star Trek legend is in-studio host and executive producer of the inquisitive new series, The UnXplained, which sends scientists, historians, engineers, and researchers around the globe to investigate the world’s most fascinating and inexplicable mysteries.

Each episode examines a different topic ranging from dark and disturbing places — like Japan’s Suicide Forest — to strange and mythological creatures, such as the Mongolian death worm. The July 19 premiere revolves around a group of Russian students who went missing while camping in the remote Ural Mountains.

“When they’re discovered,” Shatner says, “they’re in the snow, with just their booties on, and their tongues are torn out. Nobody knows what’s happened to them.”

Another episode introduces the story of a man whose near-death experience falling into a pool and knocking himself unconscious led to the discovery of a new talent.

“When he comes to, he’s able to play the piano like a concert pianist, but he’s never touched a piano beforehand. How come?” ponders Shatner. “In this series, we suggest an answer.”

The UnXplained, Series Premiere, Friday, July 19, 10/9c, History