‘Fresh Off the Boat’ EPs Tease a Disney World Send-Off & Eddie’s Future

Fresh Off the Boat Cast
ABC/Christopher Willard

With two back-to-back episodes, ABC docks Fresh Off the Boat. Throughout six seasons, the Taiwanese-American Huang family has learned to thrive in 1990s Orlando, and the sitcom bows out with plenty more growth, closure, two musical moments (“Hakuna Matata”!) and, finally, a trip to Disney World.

In the first half hour, oldest son Eddie (Hudson Yang, fourth from left, with Randall Park, Constance Wu, Lucille Soong, Forrest Wheeler and Ian Chen) drags his two brothers on an ill-planned road trip to dig up a time capsule left behind in D.C. before their move, while parents Jessica (Wu) and Louis (Park) sell — and mourn — the family van.

And everyone comes together for that pilgrimage to Disney, long overdue considering the show’s setting. “We’d seen them go to [the fictional] Gator World,” exec producer Matt Kuhn notes, “but we said, ‘Hey, here we are at the end. Let’s have the Huangs interact with the Happiest Place on Earth.'”

Next, Fresh circles back to its inspiration — real-life chef Eddie Huang’s memoir — when the teen realizes he wants to go to culinary school. But an impressive SAT score lands him an interview with Harvard, sending helicopter mom Jessica into overdrive.

Fresh Off the Boat Finale

(Credit: ABC/Christopher Willard)

“Jessica puts Eddie’s future in jeopardy,” executive producer Keith Heisler says. Adds Kuhn: “After years and years of their battles, Eddie finally stands up to his mother.”

Fans can also expect flash-forwards, flashbacks, an Andy Richter guest spot and a host of appearances by characters from the past 100-plus episodes. “We thought it would be fun to try to get everybody a final moment,” Kuhn says. Yeah.

Fresh Off the Boat, Series Finale, Friday, February 21, 8/7c, ABC