A Familiar Face Returns to ‘Wayward Pines’ (VIDEO)

2016-06-14 09_57_17-WAYWARD PINES _ The Same Side from _Exit Strategy_ _ FOX BROADCASTING - YouTube

Talk about a hairy situation!

This week’s brand new episode of Fox’s Wayward Pines features the return of former Secret Service director Adam Hassler (Tim Griffin), who was last seen in Season 1 on a video in the year 4020 in what used to be the city of San Francisco.

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Now, the former nomad has returned to the small Idaho town, and in the first exclusive clip below, he runs into Xander (Josh Helman) outside the electrified fence. But once safe inside the walls, Hassler is still haunted by his encounters with the bloodthirsty “abbies,” leading to terrifying nightmares.

Check out the exclusive clips below.

Wayward Pines, Wednesdays, 9/8c, Fox.