Can Bernie Bros Help Samantha Bee Feel The Bern? (VIDEO)


Ooh, Bern! On last night’s Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Ms. Bee sat down with a cross section of Bernie Sanders supporters—Bernie Bros, if you will—to see if they could spark her enthusiasm for the Democratic candidate/social movement.

On the eve of today’s New York primaries, Bee settled in at Greenwich Village’s Cafe Wha with an enthusiastic crew that, she noted, included a new citizen (a young woman with short dark hair and a Bernie tatt), a Native American and “a stereotypical Bernie Bro with his hat on backward and just oozing with ’tude.” Er, that would be the 60-something guy in the grey sweater in the clip below. Let’s move on.

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“I’m just here to understand your optimism … restore myself to the person I once was,” Bee told the group, then launched into a bit of word association. Starting with the obvious:  “Hillary.” Said the Bernie fans: “Dishonest. Inauthentic. Uninspiring. Inside the box.” “Too much in the pocket of realistic expectations?” Bee countered.

So much for that exercise. Next Bee wondered about the most shared trait among the Bernie faithful. Passion? A sense of justice? “A secret desire to live under a Ted Cruz presidency?” She decided to be a uniter, herself.

“What if I told you that since you arrived in this room, Bernie has announced his running mate?” Bee announced. “Elizabeth Warren!” Whoops from all! Bee confessed her fib, then held up a sign predicting their reaction: Communal orgasm. “As long as you didn’t say Communist orgasm, that’s fine with me,” says Bernie Bro, because, of course.

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Bee moved onto a few things they’d want Bernie to implement on his first day in office. A young guy in a button-down took this one: Raise the minimum wage and implement universal health care and Citizens United. Gah! Time to cut to the chase. Bee asked how many of the assembled group had voted for President Obama (all) and believed that he, too, could bring about a big bunch of social-minded change. All again. And how’d that go for you, she wondered. The group pointed out that the current POTUS faced “tremendous opposition and a lot of prejudice.” Righty-o.

“So all of these conservative Republicans in their safe, gerrymandered districts are all of a sudden going to wake up and go, ‘Hey! You know what?! I like what this socialist Jew’s got going on!’” said Bee.

Well if those guys (and gals) don’t, then (the rest of the?) people will, said her panel.

“Have you met people?!” Bee winced. She settled for respecting their willingness to dream big. And move onto the next guy, should it all go down Hill(ary) for their dreams.

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