‘The Bachelor’ Episode 3: Literally Everyone Warns Peter About Alayah (RECAP)

What happened on The Bachelor?
Spoiler Alert

This week’s episode of The Bachelor picks up right in the middle of #ChampagneGate, with Kelsey and Hannah Ann still at each other’s throats over the stolen champagne. Did Hannah Ann steal the champagne? Did she not? Does anyone care anymore? I’m already exhausted and we’re only about 30 seconds into Episode 3.

Kelsey ends up pulling Hannah Ann aside to hash out their differences and something tells me this is going to explode right in her face — pun intended. Pretty much nothing gets accomplished in this conversation. Kelsey drops the bombshell that she doesn’t even like champagne, and I think I speak for everyone when I say WTF?


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Luckily, ABC gives us a break from the she-said, she-said drama and we focus our energy on Victoria P.’s meaningful one-on-one date with Peter.

The one-on-one date

Victoria P. gets the first date of the episode and the duo head to a country concert, complete with cowboy hats and boots. Later on at dinner, Victoria opens up about her tragic past. She explains that her father passed away when she was really young and her mother struggled with addiction, leaving her to be the caregiver for her little sister. She breaks down in tears as she goes into further, more devastating details — including how she struggled to even find food for herself and her sister growing up.

Peter thanks her for opening up and seems truly moved by her story. “I can’t even imagine what that was like growing up,” he says. “I’ve never been inspired so much by someone. You have shown me so much today and so much of your heart.”

This was a heavy one. These two are getting married. They have to.

The group date

Demi Burnett The Bachelor

Demi Burnett shows back up at the mansion to help host the group date, which includes Kiarra, Sarah, Tammy, Kelley, Shiann, Savannah, Sydney, and Alayah. We find out that the girls will be having pillow fights in lingerie (aka linger-y) on today’s date and I officially think ABC is running out of ideas, but I digress. The girls are broken down into pairs and go head-to-head in the ring with feathers flying all around.

After each girl gets a chance to fight, it’s time for the championship round. Demi chooses Sydney and Alayah, who have already had problems with one another in the house. Surprise, surprise. Alayah manages to come out victorious, giving Sydney yet another reason to not like her.


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Later that evening, the women start talking about Alayah, saying she’s not on the show for the right reasons and that she’s manipulating Peter into liking her. Even Alayah herself, in her confessionals, keeps talking about her “wild side” that Peter doesn’t know about. This is kind of confusing, because Alayah has barely gotten any screen time up until now and we’re suddenly all expected to get on board with the Alayah Sucks campaign going on here.

Sydney confronts Alayah directly and asks her about her background in pageants. She questions that since she’s always in pageants, she must be programmed to always be perfect and polished (aka totally full of it), and Alayah agrees. Guess she didn’t pick up on that underlying insult Sydney snuck in there.


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It’s like the producers woke up this morning and thought, hey let’s make Alayah the villain today. #thebachelor #bachelorabc #bachelornation #thebachelorette #bachelornation

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Sydney takes matters into her own hands and ends up telling Peter that some of the women in the house (cough Alayah cough) are putting on a show for the cameras. He seems genuinely worried that he could fall for someone who’s not being themselves, and ends up confronting the group of women about Sydney’s claims.

“I hate feeling like I might possibly being fooled right now,” he says, before asking Sydney to call out the woman she was referring to. Sydney takes the bait and points fingers at Alayah, who seems genuinely shocked.

“If you’re doing this for the cameras or for any other reason besides seeing if this would work with me, I do not have time for that,” Peter tells her before walking away and letting the girls duke it out. Nice move, Peter. Alayah breaks down in tears and runs after Peter, telling him that she’s not fake. But it doesn’t seem like he’s buying it, because he inevitably gives the group date rose to Sydney.

The pool party

So Chris Harrison tells the women that there won’t be a cocktail party, but a pool party instead. But when Peter shows up, he tells the women he’s feeling doubtful about what’s going on in the house with Alayah. Instead of an actual pool party, Peter seems to spend his one-on-one time with each woman talking about Alayah. Everyone seems to have some kind of problem with her and Alayah gets angrier and angrier. She ends up pulling Sydney aside to ask her why she’s feeling the way she is.

“Your opinion of me is so far from the actual reality of what I really am,” Alayah tells her.

Fed up, she finally pulls Peter aside once again, and tells him that Sydney’s opinions of her are exaggerated. She admits she’s just a happy person and perhaps it’s coming off as inauthentic, but she’s real. Peter tells her he wants the “bad, ugly, whatever” from her, not the pageant queen. They kiss, make up, and seem to put the bad energy behind them.


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“We have this undeniable chemistry. That is a fact,” she says, before referring to herself as Peter’s future wife. Good luck with that one.

But while Peter seems to be fine with Alayah, he’s still not done talking to the other women about her. He pulls Victoria P. aside to ask her for her opinion and she admits that she knew Alayah from before the show, as they both have a background in pageants — and alludes to the fact that Alayah had ulterior motives coming into the show. She also says that Alayah told Victoria to lie to the producers about the fact that they knew one another. Shady

“She was really open to all the opportunities that would come after this,” she explains. “Maybe she’s not the one for you.”

Peter takes Victoria’s concerns seriously and decides to pull Alayah aside once again to confront her. He calls her out for lying about not knowing Victoria, and tells her that she’s being manipulative with her actions. He gets so upset with their conversation that he ends up leaving the pool party.


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Who went home on The Bachelor tonight?

Going into the rose ceremony, everyone’s wondering if Peter will say goodbye to Alayah. Considering he spent the entire friggen afternoon talking about her, if he doesn’t make a drastic move tonight, I’m going to be pissed. He walks out of the rose ceremony dramatically because he’s STILL CONFUSED over what he should do. He tells Chris Harrison that he wants to give Alayah the rose “so bad” but feels like he shouldn’t based on what literally every other person in the house has told him.

Ultimately, he chooses to trust the others and say goodbye to Alayah, along with Sarah, Jasmine, and Alexa.

“It sucks that I’m going home because of other people’s opinions,” Alayah says. Just as Alayah is walking out, we cut to Peter who’s talking with a producer in a corner. He explains that he’s unsure of his decision and fears he’s going to regret his decision.

“I thought that was the right thing to do,” he says, totally unsure of himself.


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