‘Schitt’s Creek’ Gets Emotional in Trailer for the Final Season (VIDEO)

Secure your wigs because the final season trailer for Schitt’s Creek is here.

Get ready for emotional moments with the Rose family as they prepare to say goodbye in a touching final chapter. Kicking off on Tuesday, January 7, the Season 6 premiere will kick off planning for David (Daniel Levy) and Patrick’s (Noah Reid) wedding.

In the revealing teaser, we also see the Rose family continue to expand their motel business. Moira (Catherine O’Hara), Johnny (Eugene Levy) and Stevie (Emily Hampshire) welcome patrons and fans to the Rosebud Motel in what appears to be a new commercial.

Emotions run high as nuptial preparations seem to get the best of David. Meanwhile, Alexis (Annie Murphy) is thriving and reunites with Ted (Dustin Milligan) in a sweet embrace.

More fan favorites make appearances as well with Roland (Chris Elliot) and Jocelyn (Jennifer Robertson) still in the mix. And could Stevie be onto big and better things? After sharing she may not want to stay in Schitt’s Creek forever, she’s seen in a flight attendant’s uniform.

Things take a heavy turn as Johnny opens up about living in a motel and how he wouldn’t trade it for the world. We wouldn’t either. Don’t miss the final season next year, and catch the trailer above.

Schitt’s Creek, Final Season Premiere, Tuesday, January 7, 9/8c, Pop TV