‘A Million Little Things’: Should the Kids Be Told the Truth About Charlie? (POLL)

Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 3, Episode 6 of A Million Little Things, “unleashed.”]

Is it time for Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) to come clean about her baby’s father?

It depends who you ask. Now, everyone in the friend group knows Eddie (David Giuntoli) is Charlie’s father — the truth came out during her birth — but his son and her other two children are still being kept in the dark. However, Katherine (Grace Park) thinks it’s time for that to come to an end.

In “unleashed,” Eddie’s watching Charlie when Colin, Gary’s (James Roday) dog, goes missing. Katherine leaves work to take over watching the baby while sending her husband to join the search. Though it’s obviously hard for her — she pauses before entering the nursery when Charlie begins crying — she quickly warms up to her, but admits, “I don’t know what I am to you.”

In fact, when she takes her to the park, she lets another mother assume Charlie is hers before correcting her: “She’s the daughter my husband had with the woman he was sleeping with, who also happens to be a friend of ours.” Needless to say, the woman walks away, because no one really knows how to respond to that level of honesty. Katherine tells Charlie, “Don’t let her or anyone else judge you or me,” Katherine tells Charlie. “We didn’t do anything wrong.” She is 100% right.

Meanwhile, Delilah goes on a podcast to talk about life after suicide, with Andrew (James Tupper) joining her as support. Dr. Jennifer Ashton asks if Jon knew he was going to be a father again, and Delilah hesitates before saying he didn’t. “But he would’ve loved her,” she adds. After, she breaks down, later admitting to Andrew that while she wants to own her mistakes, she just can’t and is determined to protect the kids.


“People lie all the time,” Andrew (who has been lying about his “dead” wife himself) assures her. “At least you have a good reason.” Does she? She’s not sure.

And Katherine doesn’t think she does, either. When Delilah gets home, she gives Katherine the scotch set Jon left her, and the two share a drink. As Delilah learns, when Eddie was getting sober, Katherine didn’t want to drink in front of him and would stop by Jon’s office after a long day. Katherine thought they were being honest with each other, but she’s come to realize that wasn’t the case for Jon.

“You and I know that Jon is not here because he couldn’t share who he was,” Katherine says. “He thought keeping all his dark secrets to himself was best. Obviously it wasn’t.” She admits she told the woman in the park how she and Charlie are connected, “and it felt good to say it out loud … not to lie.”

To that end, she wonders if they’re making a mistake and should tell the kids the truth about Charlie. After all, it’s not just Delilah’s kids to consider; Theo should know he has a sister, too, especially since he’s asking his parents for a sibling. Plus, it’s bound to come out sooner rather than later, and the longer Delilah waits, the worse the fallout is going to be when Sophie (Lizzy Greene) and Danny (Chance Hurstfield) find out the truth. (Anyone else envisioning one of them pulling Jon’s jersey off the wall in the nursery?)

And while all the adults know the truth, Eddie still can’t call Charlie his daughter. (Delilah’s comments on the podcast aren’t going to help matters.) Clearly Katherine, Eddie, and Delilah are finding a way to make things work, despite the affair. Let’s just hope Katherine’s suggestion they tell the truth doesn’t create more drama.

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