‘A Million Little Things’ Casts Sutton Foster — What’s Her Connection to Eric?

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Ready to learn more about Eric (Jason Ritter)?

A Million Little Things is going to introduce Eric’s dead fiancée, Chloe, played by Younger‘s Sutton Foster, in an upcoming Season 2 episode, TVLine reports. She’s slated for one episode, and it’s unclear how exactly she’ll appear.

Though Maggie (Allison Miller) initially suspected her mother left her father because of him, she was only partly right. Eric has Maggie’s brother’s heart, and while Patricia (Melora Hardin) sees him as having part of her son back, her husband doesn’t.

Maggie then learned that Eric understood loss; Chloe died in an accident right after they got engaged. He’d taken her on a weekend trip to Martha’s Vineyard, they rented a motorcycle, and he was driving. “Sometimes I just think if we hadn’t gone on that trip, if I had made a different choice,” he admitted.

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The music store he owns was Chloe’s, and it was also where they met. He’d seen her at the coffee shop around the corner, but didn’t have the courage to go up to her. After figuring out where she worked, he took out a monthly rental on a clarinet, which came with lessons (not with her). He eventually got up the courage to ask her out. Could we see flashbacks to that meeting and the two falling in love?

In addition to Foster’s current role as Liza on Younger, the actress — who has a long career on Broadway — has also starred on Bunheads. She has guest starred on Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, The Good Wife, Elementary, and Law & Order: SVU.

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