Are Chris Bukowski & Katie Morton Together After ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

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The wait is over. The Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 finale is tonight which means we finally learn who gets engaged and who goes home empty handed.

While we already know that Dean and Caelynn are still happily together living in a van, it’s still up in the air about some of the other couples — specifically Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton.

Although they make a very adorable couple, Chris and Katie have been up and down from the very beginning, with the Bachelor veteran unable to fully commit to the green-eyed beauty throughout the entire season. So, where do they stand today? Let’s dig up everything we know.


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Trouble in Paradise? Chris and Katie are going to have to make some tough decisions tonight. #BachelorInParadise

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Do Chris and Katie get engaged?

According to the season finale preview (and rumors swirling all over the Internet), it looks like Katie will walk away with a ring on her finger. The biggest giveaway is her nail polish. She’s seen earlier in the preview wearing maroon nail polish, and later on, that same nail polish is seen with a ring. Rookie mistake.


Are Chris and Katie still together?

But just because Chris and Katie may walk off of the beach an engaged couple doesn’t mean they’ll last outside of Paradise. In a clip for the reunion special which airs tonight, Katie gets emotional while talking about Chris, saying that she feels like she’s been in a “darkness.”

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“The whole time at the beach, I loved him the whole time,” she said. “And he would tell others that he loved me and the only way I knew that Chris loved me is the way he tells everyone else, not the way he shows me.”

But of course, there’s always a chance that this is just to throw viewers off course. It’s very possible that Katie has been disappointed in the way her relationship unfolded on television (hence the crying in the clip), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re broken up.

In fact, from the looks of their social media activity, they seem very much on good terms. Chris has been frequently posting flirty comments on Katie’s recent Instagram posts, proving that they’re at least civil with one another, if not more.

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We’ll get all of our answers tonight on the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise.

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