‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Episode 5: Hannah B. Shows Up & All Hell Breaks Loose (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert

On tonight’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, get ready to pick up right where we left off with the Jordan vs. Christian fight on the beach.

Will Jordan be sent home for getting physical with another cast member? Will Hannah G. finally choose between Dylan and that other guy who hooked up wit all of those chicks at Stagecoach? Read on to find out all of the highlights from Episode 5.


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Jordan’s fight ends with an early departure

So, we finally see the fight that we’ve been waiting for and it didn’t disappoint. Jordan bodyslams Christian to the ground as security rushes in to stop the fight. Christian tries to escape security numerous times to get his hands of Jordan, but to no avail.

Nicole wanted to find a guy who would figuratively fight for her in Paradise — not literally. Girlfriend is pissed that she had to watch two grown men duke it out on a beach over a damn piñata.

As a result, both men are sent packing due to their violent behavior. “Zero tolerance means no questions asked, you both go home,” Chris Harrison says.

Jordan and Christian going home ends up working out just fine for Nicole, who says she was “leaning more towards Clay” anyway.

Hannah G. choses Dylan over Blake

“I think you need to make a decision,” Mike tells Hannah of her ongoing love triangle with Dylan and Blake. UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR, MIKE, BUT OK.

Hannah compares her indecisiveness to taking a vitamin… and honestly, I don’t even care which vitamin she chooses at this point — just choose one and get it over with.

Before the rose ceremony, Dylan has a mental breakdown because he sees Hannah and Blake making out for the 97th time. He’s going to be ~ heartbroken ~ if she doesn’t choose him! I mean, he gave her gummy worms, guys.


But somehow still… Dylan gets the rose from Hannah during the rose ceremony. She thanks him for being “patient” while she figures out her feelings aka makes out with Blake.

Later on, the two go on their first one-on-one date where Dylan tells Hannah that he’s falling in love with her. Hannah reciprocates those feelings by telling Dylan that she’s “all in” with him.

Dylan’s a smitten kitten.

The rose ceremony

Before the rose ceremony, Onyeka eliminates herself. “I really wanted to meet someone here and I’ve been pretty unhappy here and it’s been for a while. I can’t give out a rose to anyone tonight,” she says through tears.

As for couples who are pairing off: Demi gives her rose to Derek, Katie to Chris, Nicole to Clay, Caelynn to Dean, Tayshia to John Paul Jones, Sydney to Mike, Hannah to Dylan, and Kristina to Blake.

We say goodbye to Cam, Wills, and Kevin tonight.

Caitlin arrives in Paradise

Wait, who? Yeah, Caitlin Clemmens wasn’t very memorable when she appeared on Colton Underwood‘s season of The Bachelor, but she’s ready to make a splash in Paradise.

She ends up taking Blake (who else?) on a date and they experiment with a little tantric yoga. I’m guessing this is Blake’s favorite kind of yoga.

While on the date, Blake drops the bomb that he’s not everyone’s favorite person in Paradise and Caitlin seems…overwhelmed? But also intrigued. At this rate, she seems like his only chance to stay in Paradise anyway.


Hannah B. shows up in Paradise

If you’re wondering what the heck Hannah is doing in Paradise, you’re not alone. Turns out, Hannah hasn’t come to Mexico to date a bunch of men at once (been there, done that) — she’s actually here to talk one-on-one with Demi.

The newly single beauty shows up and immediately pulls her girl to the side for a chat, which naturally gives Derek some anxiety.


“It would take something massive to feel like I’ve been thrown for some wild loop,” he tells Chris Bukowski. But that wild loop is coming, Derek — and it’s coming in the form of Demi’s girlfriend.

Demi admits to Hannah she’s been struggling with her feelings for both Derek and her feelings for Kristian, her girlfriend back home. She can’t make up her mind between the two — so she decides to talk through her feelings with Derek.

“You know I told you about that girl back home? I kind of downplayed it a little bit. i really, really think about her a lot,” she tells him. “I’m trying to figure it out but right now I’m just really torn.”

“It’s OK to not know how you feel,” Derek says. “Like, I’m not giving up.”


But something wild is about to happen, because right before the episode ends, we see Demi pull Chris Harrison aside. You don’t remove Chris Harrison from his plush hotel suite unless there’s something major going on.

In the previews for tomorrow’s episode, we see Derek sobbing, sooo… it’s safe to assume he’s going to have to give up on Demi.

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