Who Is Caitlin Clemmens From ‘Bachelor in Paradise’? Everything You Need to Know


Watch out, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, there’s a new girl coming to Bachelor in Paradise with her sights set on Dean Unglert.

According to the official Paradise Instagram page, Caitlin Clemmens will join the Season 6 cast and ask Dean on a date. And if you’re wondering who this beautiful brunette is on your television screen, you’re not alone.

Though Caitlin *has* appeared on a Bachelor show before, she didn’t last very long and her airtime was kept to a minimum.


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Is @deanie_babies destined for another #BachelorInParadise love triangle?

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So, who is this Caitlin girl? Read on for everything you need to know.

She works in real estate

After graduating from University of Western Ontario in 2017, the 25-year-old moved to Toronto to become a realtor at Starke Realty.

Caitlin was very forward with her entrance on Colton Underwood’s season

Caitlin was one of the many women to reference the athlete’s then-virginity with her intro line. She handed him a balloon that resembled a cherry, then pulled out a pin and popped it. Get it? She popped his cherry. Oh, sweetie…

After that, um, interesting intro, Caitlin’s time on Colton’s season was short-lived. She was sent home in Week 3 with Colton telling her that ultimately, he didn’t feel they had chemistry.

She had a drama-filled relationship with former Bachelorette villain Chad Johnson

Sigh. Chad told Life & Style that he slid into Caitlin’s DMs on Instagram in early 2019 and the two began talking regularly. But things quickly took a turn for the worse when the bad boy publicly revealed on The Tomorrow Show With Kevan Undergaro that she cheated on him at a club.

Apparently, Chad and Caitlin had different views of how serious their relationship actually was. According to Caitlin, they were never dating exclusively.

“I tried to remain very respectful while shutting down dating allegations by simply stating that we were not dating and I had no plans to date him. It seems as though that respect is not reciprocated,” she told Us Weekly. “In no way did our shared time constitute a committed relationship and that is why I attempted to respectfully shut down those rumors.”

Fans can’t help but compare Caitlin to Caelynn

The resemblance is uncanny — and fans were quick to point that out when ABC shared the video of Caitlin’s entrance on Instagram.


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Love is in the air (amongst other things…) 🦀🌴🌹

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“Is it just me or could Caitlyn & Caelynn be twins?” one fan asked. “They do look like sisters,” another user replied.

Looks like Dean will have his work cut out for himself choosing between these two beauties.

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