Does Jordan Kimball Get Kicked Off ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?


Well, the big moment of the season happened. Jordan Kimball and Christian Estrada got in that epic fight on the beach on Bachelor in Paradise, but now what? The season trailer has been building up to this very moment, and now that we’re here, we’re ready to see what happens next.

How does the fight end, and more importantly… what happens to our sweet little Jordan (and Christian — sorry buddy, but we do have favorites here)?

Does Jordan get kicked off of Bachelor in Paradise for fighting?

While we don’t have concrete evidence that Jordan will be sent packing, we have to remember that this isn’t the first physical altercation that has happened on that beach.

During Season 3 of Paradise, Chad Johnson was sent home for “taking a swing” at Daniel Maguire (and also being completely rude to all of the women on the show and hotel staff, but that’s apparently just a secondary reason?)

This departure is something that “Bad Chad” is still bitter about today. The 32-year-old took to his Twitter Thursday evening to remind everyone that he still has issues with his former friend Daniel.

So it has to be assumed if Chad was sent packing for physical violence, then Jordan and Christian will be given the same treatment.

Another clue that we won’t see either men on the show any longer is that neither of them are shown in the upcoming trailer.

They both appeared to have a connection with Nicole Lopez-Alvar, but in the previews, she seems to be spending her time with Clay Harbor. Could that be because her other options are no longer in paradise?

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