‘Younger’: Liza’s Confronted by Her Old Life While Out With Charles (VIDEO)

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What’s an episode of Younger if there isn’t a bit of drama mixed in? The latest installment “Friends with Benefits” will see Liza (Sutton Foster) and Charles (Peter Hermann) attend a gala of sorts where they can’t seem to get a moment alone.

In an exclusive clip for the episode airing Wednesday, July 31, the new couple is approached by Bob (Grant Shaud) and Julia (Maddie Corman), parents of Liza’s daughter Caitlin’s (Tessa Albertson) college roommate. And it’s clear Liza is surprised by their presence.

“Oh, didn’t Charles tell you we’re at your table?” Julia asks casually and it’s clear that Liza wasn’t aware and isn’t necessarily pleased. Bob and Julia then go on to muse about their role in Liza and Charles’ relationship, claiming responsibility for making it happen by hosting a party they were both invited to previously.

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The two sat down to chat about Liza and Kelsey's work lives and love lives in the upcoming episodes.

As they couples continue to chat, Bob and Julia start suggesting couples trips they could all take together now that Liza and Charles are dating, including a possible cruise. And the conversation gets even more overwhelming when Liza’s New Jersey pals Michelle (Heidi Armbruster) and Tom (Tim Bohn) enter the circle.

Check out all of the awkwardness in the clip below:

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