‘Shadowhunters’ Midseason Premiere: Is Clary & Jonathan’s Bond Unbreakable? Is Sizzy (Finally) On?

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 3, Episode 11 of Shadowhunters, “Lost Souls.”]

Wait… Clary Fairchild (Katherine McNamara) is alive!?

OK, that wasn’t much of a shock given this is the world of Shadowhunters but the fact that Clary is with her brother, Jonathan (Luke Baines, welcome to the show) and they have a surprising bond? Well, that was a bit of an unexpected complication, right?

But as everyone Clary loves still believes she’s gone — well, Luke (Isaiah Mustafa) has some solid theories — how they will continue to move forward with guilt and more obstacles coming? And when the heck will Sizzy — the long-awaited pairing of Simon (Alberto Rosende) and Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia) — going to truly be on? And is a powerless Magnus (Harry Shum Jr) going to get in the way of his relationship with Alec (Matthew Daddario)?

To talk about the midseason premiere and the Shadowhunters’ final hunt before the series ends, TV Insider hopped on the phone with executive producers Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer to ask all the pressing questions as well as get a preview of what’s to come next. Let’s dive into our chat:

Katherine McNamara as Clary (Freeform/John Medland)

Let’s jump right to the fact that Clary and Jonathan have this bond that seems to unbreakable. She can’t even kill him or she will also die. How will that impact Clary moving forward?

Todd Slavkin: What lies ahead is a series of self-discovery on both Jonathan and Clary’s end and we’ll learn the details and intricacies of that bond as we go, as we go. But I will say one thing, it doesn’t get any better, it only gets more intense.

I already like Luke Baines as Jonathan but, just to clear up any questions, why did another actor have to come in and play the role moving forward?

Darren Swimmer: It makes sense for the story.

Slavkin: And [previously] that was Sebastian Verlac. Will Tudor was playing a guy that he took over the body of. So, it would be weird if Jonathan came back as that. This is his true genetic character. He’s coming back like he would be when he was born that’s why Luke and Kat kind of look alike.


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Should we trust in Jonathan’s desire to be good?

Slavkin: Yes, he wants what everyone wants which is like love and acceptance in a family and I think that the audience will come to love him like you do the best villains, like we did with Lilith last season. You really like understand and feel where they’re at.

Swimmer: His interests are not necessarily the same as her interests.

Clary says she’s not like Jonathan but is she more like him than she wants to admit?

Swimmer: She’s got a part of her like everybody that if given the right conditions could come out, that’s darker than she ever realized.

Slavkin: Her father is Valentine…

Jace (Dominic Sherwood) is wracked with guilt. Is it safe to assume that’s going to impact him in the episodes ahead?

Swimmer: It propels him to action because in his, in the beginning as we saw in the premiere, he was so self-destructive. He’s really beating himself up, literally, as if he had a death wish, and I think what he learned from the premiere is that he can’t do that. He can’t let down his other family and the people that love him and he takes that grief and he pushes it to action to try to see if Clary is alive.

Luke (Isaiah Mustafa) explains his theories to Jace (Dominic Sherwood).

If we’re to believe Luke’s theory about Lilith’s (Anna Hopkins) home moving at the right moment where it’s supposedly destroyed. Does that mean Lilith potentially might not be gone?

Slavkin: Lilith’s not gone.

Swimmer: You can never like kill a greater demon. You can just banish them to Edom, which is Hell. Anna Hopkins is in multiple episodes ahead. She’s very much alive.

What can you say about this old vampire that Simon will be seeking.

Swimmer: Simon is desperate to find a way to get rid of this curse. He feels he’s a danger to anybody around him and the only clue that he has left is to find that, to find that guy if he even exists.

Slavkin: He’ll have to be hunting through the shadows.

In the trailer there’s a nice Sizzy (aka Simon and Isabelle) moment that has everyone freaking out. Is that something that we may see sooner or later?

Swimmer: Sizzy fans won’t have to wait too long.

With Maia (Alisha Wainwright) also still around, could there be a little love triangle brewing?

Swimmer: A little triangle. The difference is that Maia is not a woman that gets sucked into a triangle, really. And neither is Isabelle for that matter. They’re so proud and comfortable with themselves and they don’t need to be defined by a man. So it’s like a gentle triangle, we should say.

I loved seeing Magnus and Alec with Madzie (Ariana Williams). Is there a foreshadowing of them as parents?

Swimmer: It’s not foreshadowing anything, per say, but we’ve just been dying to get the three of them on screen together as much as we can.

Matthew Daddario as Alec and Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus (Freeform/John Medland)

Is Magnus simply accepting that he has no power or will he be seeking ways to get it back?

Swimmer: He’s trying to accept it but it’s really difficult because his magic is everything to him and he feels like he’s not whole without it. So I think in the beginning, he’s trying desperately to accept but you’ll see that that acceptance can only go so far.

It’s great to see that this hasn’t gotten in the way of Magnus of Alec. If anything, their bond is stronger.

Slavkin: Alec is there every step of the way. He’s so supportive of Magnus.

What can you say about the next episode? How long will Clary and Jonathan be separate from everybody else?

Slavkin: Not very long. Not very long. The gang gets back together pretty soon and it only complicates things because Clary has been through a lot.

Swimmer: Magnus also struggles not only with the loss of his magic but with his mortality. And at the same time, we’re in Paris and we’re really proud of that. We went there and we took a crew and we shot some of our characters literally on the streets of Paris and Kat, Dom and Luke crushed it and it’s really spectacular and adds a scope to the show. You saw [Clary] with the snow in 311? You’ve never seen the show with this kind of scope.

Slavkin: It’s also one of my all-time favorite Malec episodes.

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