Everything We Know ‘Supernatural’s 300th Episode So Far

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Supernatural is The CW’s longest running drama and the series is about to hit its milestone 300th episode on February 7.

The special and sentimental episode, titled “Lebanon,” will feature some major returns for a couple dear, departed characters. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is slated to be back as Papa John Winchester and Kurt Fuller is being resurrected as Zachariah.

The logline for “Lebanon” is extremely vague, which can only mean the episode will be filled with surprises, as demon-hunting brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) “look to occult lore for a solution to their latest problem, but instead of a resolution, they find much more than either of them had anticipated.”

We’re breaking down all we know about “Lebanon” so far below:

The Basics

The episode was directed by Robert Singer and written by Andrew Dabb & Meredith Glynn.

How Does Papa Winchester Come Back?

“Our guys are put in a position where they essentially can have a wish granted,” showrunner Andrew Dabb explained to Entertainment Weekly. “They’re actually expecting something else, but [John’s return] comes from a place of want by Dean. The need for closure is really what brings John back into their lives.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan last appeared in the Season 2 finale, so it’s safe to say the family has some catching up to do.

“As a parent, he could’ve done things better certainly, and I think whenever we get a chance to look back at our lives, we all think we could’ve done things better,” Morgan added. “In this episode he sees what he has done and what he has created with his sons, and there’s going to be moments where we get to address those with each son separately and as a unit, and that’s what makes this episode special.”

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And Morgan wants the opportunity to return — he admitted his dream is to reappear in the series during its final season on TV. “My dream would be to come back and do something in the last year, the last episode, the last couple episodes, whatever, and do a proper little arc,” he said.

How Does Zachariah Return?

The “altered reality” scenario, which brings John back also is responsible for Zachariah’s return. The brothers won’t be too happy to see him, as Z was nothing but a pain in the ass. He was last seen in the show’s 100th episode, “Point of No Return,” in Season 5.

Sam’s Emotions

Sam and his father had a tumultuous relationship and John died before they could have closure. John’s return is a chance for Sam to “say sorry and to also forgive,” revealed Padalecki. The episode will also peel back the curtain on what drives Sam in the series.

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Dean’s Emotions

It’s Dean’s decision that allows for John to return, so there’s some yearning deep down in this soul for his father. “For Dean, the whole episode is a dream that he doesn’t want to wake up from. But he knows he has to,” Ackles said.

Each son will get some special alone time with Papa Winchester to air their grievances and reconnect.

Where’s Mary?

Mama Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith) will also have some one-on-one time with her husband John. “It’s very romantic,” she told EW.


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What’s Cas Up To?

This weird reality bubble that takes over in the episode also affects Castiel in strange ways. “This time the boys are dealing with a different (though not entirely unfamiliar) version of their friend,” EW reported.

Supernatural, “Lebanon,” Thursday, February 7, 8/7c, The CW