'A Million Little Things' Cast Breaks Down What Friendship Means to Them (VIDEO)

Jessica Napoli
Exclusive ABC/Jack Rowand

The cast of A Million Little Things knows a thing or two about friendship — after all, it's one the show's main themes.

The series is about eight friends who are all just trying to deal with life's curveballs as best as they can — sometimes they stumble and sometimes they rise to the occasion. And in an exclusive behind-the-scenes video, the AMLT crew shares their own definitions of friendship.

'A Million Little Things' Cast Reveal Their Secrets (VIDEO)See Also

'A Million Little Things' Cast Reveal Their Secrets (VIDEO)

The actors divulge their secret talents and hidden passions.

According to Allison Miller, who plays Maggie Bloom, it's "sharing space with someone who supports you and doesn't judge and [when] you can talk about anything."

While, Christina Ochoa, who plays Ashley Morales, thinks it's "driving you to LAX at peak hour." Sounds like she's thinking of someone in particular! On a more serious note, she added, "Friendship is definitely being there during the hard times."

Watch the featurette below:

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