‘In Pursuit With John Walsh’ Star John Walsh Talks His New Costar & New Mysteries

In Pursuit With John Walsh

During the 24-year run of America’s Most Wanted (1988-2011), John Walsh helped track down 1,244 criminals and 61 abducted kids. He notched more victories via CNN’s The Hunt With John Walsh (2014–17).

Now, at 73, he’s back hosting and sleuthing for Investigation Discovery. “I’d been trying to retire,” says the crimebuster, who was 35 when he and wife Revé learned their 6-year-old son, Adam, had been murdered after being snatched from a Florida department store.

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The Netflix docuseries takes an in-depth look at the infamous serial killer.

What keeps Walsh in pursuit: free rein (he can even pull up Most Wanted cold cases that still trouble him) and the chance to share his mission with one of his sons.


“I’m an old guy,” quips Walsh. So he’s “thrilled” Callahan, one of his three grown children, is alongside him here. “He does what I used to do 51 weeks a year: Go out and speak to the victims, speak to the cops on the case and really get to the inside of the story. Callahan knows how tough and sad that world can be. But he also knows that every now and then, we recover a missing child or catch a killer.”


In Pursuit’s initial episodes focus on domestic violence. On Wednesday night, while Walsh combs FBI files for leads on an ex-Marine who allegedly strangled a single mom (is the culprit living in Belize?), Callahan seeks a rapper who fatally shot his girlfriend.


Viewers who call in with tips are heroes, says Walsh. “We don’t care what your name is. Just tell us where they are. We’ll find the dirtbags. I’m a great believer in the American public.”

In Pursuit With John Walsh, Wednesday, January 30, 10/9c, Investigation Discovery