‘In Pursuit With John Walsh’ Renewed For Fourth Season

John and Callahan Walsh
Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery

Investigation Discovery is giving viewers more In Pursuit with John Walsh than ever later this month (August 2022), as the network is bringing back the documentary series for a fourth season, in addition to a new special and companion show.

As reported by Deadline, the docuseries is returning for a 12-episode fourth season on Wednesday, August 24, followed by a one-hour studio special, In Pursuit: Hot On The Trail. The series follows criminal investigator John Walsh as he embarks on a mission along with his son, Callahan Walsh, to find missing children and track down escaped fugitives.

The cases set to be explored in Season 4 include a missing corrections officer and devoted mother; her son’s father, William Strand, becomes the prime suspect in the disappearance. Meanwhile, Callahan travels to Orlando, Florida, to help authorities track down Leslie Lagrotta, a man linked to a series of sexual assaults in central Florida.

In Pursuit: Hot On The Trail will see the father-and-son team take a deep dive into cases, providing viewers with real-time updates. The show aims to give a deeper understanding of the Walsh family and their mission, which was driven by the abduction and murder of 6-year-old Adam Walsh 41 years ago.

TV correspondent Michelle Sigona will moderate the studio show, which will feature a variety of experts involved with the cases. The show will look at the results from the first three seasons while encouraging viewers and law enforcement to help find more fugitives and recover more missing children.

Lastly, In Pursuit with John Walsh: Captured will see the pair celebrate their 37 captures to date, revisiting old cases, such as the capture of Luis Frias, William Stanson, and Jory Worthen. The special is scheduled to air on Wednesday, August 31.

“We’ve seen 37 fugitives brought to justice from the first three seasons of In Pursuit, and ID is honored to support John Walsh, who continues to do what he does best – hunting down fugitives and delivering families justice,” said Jason Sarlanis, President of Crime and Investigative Content, Linear and Streaming (via Deadline).

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