Hell Yeah! ‘Lucifer’ Is Bringing the Heat Back to Comic Books (VIDEO)


We know it’s been hell waiting for Lucifer to rise again on Netflix, but hopefully this will help fans pass the time before Tom Ellis blesses us with his newly-jacked self on screen.

On stands today is Lucifer #1, the first issue in a new run of comic books by writer Dan Watters for the DC Comics imprint, Vertigo. Of course, the character has been appearing in paper form for years but now that Vertigo has revived the Sandman Universe created by Neil Gaiman — who originally introduced Mr. Morningstar in 1989 — the time has come for the fallen angel to fly again. If he can, that is.

Watters sat down with us at New York Comic Con earlier this month to discuss his take on the character and what sort of vibe he has created with artists Max Fiumara and Sebastian Fiumara.

He also talked about how the TV show has actually allowed for more freedom when it comes to telling stories about one of comicdom’s most notorious and beloved bad boys.

Watch the full interview below:

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