Which Character From Amazon’s ‘The Expanse’ Are You? (QUIZ)

The Expanse
Jason Bell/Syfy

Revived from the icy, vast void of cancellation by fans who flew a banner over Amazon’s headquarters and the company’s subsequent decision to renew it for a fourth season, Syfy’s — now Amazon’s — The Expanse has been in both headlines and sci-fi devotees’ hearts this summer.

The stalwart crew of the Rocinante have battled a mysterious bio-weapon, human/protomolecule hybrids, a deadly portal from another galaxy, and sometimes even themselves, but the core of their connection remains strong enough to bring them back to each other — and to keep fans hungry for more (and for Alex’s lasagna).

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How Will 'The Expanse' Be Different in Season 4 on Amazon?

The Syfy series is making the jump to streaming on Amazon.

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re a humanistic leader like James Holden, an inventive engineer like Naomi Ngata, a mechanically-minded protector like Amos Burton or a quick-witted pilot like Alex Kamal, take our quiz below and find out!