Is ‘The Proposal’ Couple Ashlee & Jordan Still Together?

ABC/Byron Cohen

On Monday, ABC’s newest dating show, The Proposal, premiered its second episode and another couple got engaged!

Last week, we saw California cop Mike get “engaged” on TV to a contestant named Monica, after meeting her at the top of the hour. Surprisingly, they’re still together, still engaged, and look as happy as ever.

This week, viewers met Ashlee Hewitt — a blonde, divorced mom from Nashville with great arms and aspirations of being a country music singer. She revealed she’s looking for “the one” and someone who wanted to have a family.

After the first round, Ashlee moved forward with Jeremy, Jordan, Leo, Sam (law student), Evan, and Sam (“country boy at heart”). After the second round, she selected Jeremy, Jordan, Leo, and Country Sam.

Finally, a more serious questionnaire during the third round included Ashlee revealing she has a son. Her final three were: Jeremy, Jordan, and Country Sam.

Next, the men met the parents who just wanted her to find the right guy, and the final two turned out to be Jordan and Sam.

Jordan ultimately won Ashlee’s heart and “proposed” that they go on a honeymoon to Fiji instead of putting a ring on it immediately. It worked because the couple is still together today.

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They’re spending time in Nashville, getting to know each other, but have yet to still jet off to Fiji.

The Proposal, Mondays, 10/9c, ABC