Is ABC's First 'Proposal' Couple Mike & Monica Still Together?

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ABC's new dating show The Proposal premiered Monday night with its first suitor: Mike Rowe, a police officer from Bakersfield, California.

Mike's identity was concealed as 10 single women competed in four pageant-style rounds to win his heart. After narrowing it down to two women — Jessica and Monica — he met them face-to-face and the two women had one last shot to win Mike's heart.

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"I will love you and be there for you every single day, every step of the way — through the good, the bad, I’m your person," Jessica told him.

But Monica really sealed the deal with a few tears. She said, "I feel like I’ve had such a great life. ... But there’s one thing that’s missing. And that’s someone like you."

And with that, Mike actually got down on one knee and proposed. But the question remains: Are Mike and Monica still together?

They are! The couple recorded a cute video on social media for the fans:

And they appear to be falling more in love everyday!

Monica made the relationship social-media official with this Instagram photo:

💍💍💍Finally!! It’s no longer a secret!! 💍💍💍 .. .. .. #theproposal #engaged #tv #abc #bachelor #bachelorette #viewingparty

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