‘Bachelor’ Alums Slam Arie Luyendyk Jr for On-Camera Breakup, Becca Forgives Him

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Monday night’s Bachelor finale was a shocker. So much so, Bachelor alumni and fans took to Twitter to defend a rejected Becca Kufrin and slam an insensitive Arie Luyendyk Jr.

In the three-hour event, viewers watched the Season 22 star get down on one knee and propose to Becca, only to turn around and break up with her weeks later—and all in front of the ABC cameras. The exchange was heartbreaking (and unedited), as Arie claimed he still had feelings for runner-up Lauren Burnham, and that he couldn’t move forward with his fiancée if he was “half in.”

“The reality of it is that, being with you, although it’s been everything that I wanted, I still think about her. And I think you sense that,” he explained to Becca. “I think for me, the more I hung out with you, the more I felt like I was losing the possibility of maybe reconciling things with Lauren.”


Becca was blindsided by Arie’s decision and watching the conversation unfold was as sad as it was cringeworthy.

During the live show with host Chris Harrison, Becca spoke about the incident for the first time. She said, “When it all happened, I feel like I kind of blacked out.” She also revealed she hasn’t heard a word from Arie since that day.

“I cried for probably four days straight I am angry at times. I grieved the loss of that relationship and the future that I thought we were gonna have,” Becca added. “I am angry at times. I feel betrayed a lot of the time just because I feel like I was lied to for so long.”

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'The Bachelor' Finale: Arie Makes a Shocking Choice (RECAP)

This 3-hour event left audiences disappointed and sad.

But the 27-year-old has since forgiven her ex-fiancé. She told People: “He’s a good person, I don’t think he’s a monster and purposely did this to hurt me and make me feel this way. But it’s just the result of his actions.”

She added: “At the end of the day, I don’t think he thought through everything of how ending things with Lauren would be, how being engaged to me would be and what breaking up with me and going back to her would be. I don’t think he thought it through, but I don’t think he did it maliciously to break my heart.”

The rest of Bachelor Nation was less forgiving, though. And former franchise stars like Ben Higgins, Sean Lowe, and Trista Sutter weren’t just upset with Arie—they were not OK with the show filming the whole breakup. Read their responses below:

Meanwhile, in another stunning moment. Bekah Martinez, aka the missing person, revealed Arie’s been sending her direct messages on Twitter. One message is as recent as February 2, 2018.

“This may just win the internet today,” Luyendyk wrote as he poked fun of her missing persons report that broke on the Internet. “Such a shame they didn’t use your license photo.”

“Lol! I made that,” Martinez said. “So there was no way in hell I was using the license photo…hahaha.”

Luyendyk responded, “So good. You seriously crack me up. Hope all is well.” Although the exchange appears platonic, why is he reaching out to other women?

Bekah was one of this season’s contestants who voiced her disappointment with Arie during the live special, saying that if he loved two women, he shouldn’t propose. We think the rest of Bachelor Nation is on her side as well.
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