Who Is the Next ‘Bachelorette’ Star? 5 Frontrunners for Season 14

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Season 22 of The Bachelor is coming to an end, and Chris Harrison is teasing the finale as “the most dramatic ending in franchise history”—as usual, though insider reports claim this time it’s true. And with the finale comes the next Bachelorette Season 14 star, which won’t be nearly as dramatic, but it is exciting!

First, we have Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s final choice to contend with, and creator Mike Fleiss teased they’re even going to air an unedited scene.

After all of that goes down, it’s time for the next lead announcement in the “After the Final Rose” special. So we’re breaking down five women we think would be amazing and entertaining Bachelorette options, from least to most likely.

5. Bekah

The 22-year-old stole America’s hearts—while confusing fans at the same time. At the age one usually graduates college, this woman was vying for a 36-year-old man’s heart. Then, Arie found out how young she was, doubts crept in, and Bekah was sent home—but not before news broke that, after she finished filming, her mom reported her as a missing person. She claims it was a misunderstanding, as there was some issue with phone service while she was on a marijuana farm. And everything’s fine now, her mom knows where she is. But this mess and the fact that she’s already committed to Bachelor in Paradise means it’s a long shot.

4. Seinne

Season 22’s darling is a Yale-educated, beautiful, well-traveled, funny gal with a stellar smile—what’s not to love? Apparently it wasn’t enough for Arie, as he claimed he was intimidated by her accomplishments. “I hope that there will be someone who’s not intimidated,” she said on the Women Tell All special. We’ll take that as a hint!

3. Tia

The Weiner girl. Weiner, Arkansas, that is. She’s got the JoJo Fletcher-look going on with the long, highlighted brown hair and a charming (Raven Gates-like) Arkansas accent. With brains—she’s got a doctorate in physical therapy—and beauty, plus an overall likability factor, this seems like a winning choice.

2. Kendall

The taxidermy girl. She’s quirky, fun, and was excited to be spending time with Arie, who seemed excited about almost nothing on this show. Arie sent in her home after fantasy suites, but it was enough time for Kendall to win tons of Bachelor Nation points. Who can forget when she attempted to emotionally connect with Krystal? What an unexpectedly kind moment in this otherwise catty show!

1. Becca or Lauren

Rumor has it—MILD SPOILER ALERT!—Arie proposes to one woman in the Bachelor finale but then, like a dog with his tail between his legs, he goes back to the runner-up to beg for her to take him back. And now those two are currently dating. What better way for the rejected woman to seek redemption then find her true love as the next Bachelorette?

Honorable Mention: Ross

Remember Becca’s ex-boyfriend of seven years, Ross? His attempt to win back his former girlfriend by ambushing her in Peru was pretty lame, and he called Arie “bro” a lot during their conversation. But fans of the show really took to him, and during the episode, many were calling for ABC to make him the next Bachelor, skipping the female-led season all together. Stranger things have happened…

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