The Top 10 Most Dramatic 'Bachelor' Finales

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Season 11’s Brad Womack

The first time Brad Womack was The Bachelor, he went in looking for love and only found it in himself. He famously left the show without proposing to either of the top two contestants, DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft. Somehow they allowed him back for another season as The Bachelor.

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Season 13’s Jason Mesnick

During Mesnick’s finale, he chose Melissa Rycroft. And then live on After The Final Rose SIX WEEKS LATER he breaks up with Rycroft and said he made the wrong decision which led him to choose runner-up Molly Malaney. The pair ironically had a televised wedding and are happily still married with children.

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Season 11′ Kaitlyn Bristowe

Bristowe’s finale wasn’t terribly dramatic but it was Nick Viall’s comments during After the Final Rose about them having sex during the fantasy suite date that was scandalous. Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth are still engaged while Viall is still single, so who’s the real winner?

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Season One’s Alex Michel

The original Bachelor himself did not propose contrary to expectation. You heard that right. He chose Amanda Marsh after supposedly telling Chris Harrison he would choose Trista Sutter. But after a few months they broke up. Michel is still unmarried.

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Season 18’s Juan Pablo

This list honestly wouldn’t exist without Juan Pablo. Talk about a scandal. This Bachelor quickly became hated because of his dismissive attitude and his infamous ‘Okay’ line whenever things were definitely not okay. This finale was hard to watch as he humiliated Clare Crawley by supposedly whispering sexual explicit words into her ear on a helicopter ride and saying he didn’t know her. To top it off, Pablo asked Nikki Ferrell to be his girlfriend but wouldn’t propose. Their relationship didn’t even make it to After The Final Rose.


Season 21’s Rachel Lindsay

I really hate to do this but Rachel Lindsay did Peter Kraus so wrong in both the finale and especially during After the Finale Rose. It seemed like she only picked her fiancé Brian as a default because Kraus said he wasn’t ready to propose. The couple is still engaged proving Lindsay made the right choice for herself, but I just wish she didn’t try to drag Kraus.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Season 7’s Charlie O’Connell

This finale was wild. O’Connell didn’t just propose to one woman—he proposed to BOTH. How did this work you ask? Well without giving official rings he asked that both women, Krisily Kennedy and Sarah Brice, continue to date him as he needed more time…and they agreed. Eventually, during After The Final Rose, he made up his mind and chose Sarah Brice but still didn’t propose. It was the start of an on-and-off again relationship that didn’t last.


Season 2’s Meredith Phillips

You could argue Phillips was the original Ben Higgins when it came to saying “I love you” to multiple contestants. She told contestant Matthew Hickl that she was in love with him and hoped to get his proposal only to choose Ian McKee which left viewers shocked.


New Zealand Bachelor Season 2’s Jordan Mauger

I know he wasn’t on the American version butfans did learn more about his story when he came on The Bachelor Winter Games. If you didn’t watch, Mauger couldn’t decide between the final two on his season so Mauger flipped a coin to decide between Fleur Verhoeven and Nazanin Khanjani. Based on the coin toss he chose Verhoeven. The engagement ended just a few hours later.

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Season 22’s Arie Luyendyk Jr.

It hasn’t been confirmed yet but Twitter has erupted with rumors that confirm Chris Harrison isn’t lying when he says it’s “the most dramatic season of The Bachelor yet.” I have a feeling he’s going to earn this spot on the list.

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Since The Bachelor franchise entered into our lives almost 16-years ago, Chris Harrison has been delivering the same line to viewers: "This will be the most dramatic finale in Bachelor history."

And while most of the time it's just a big tease to entice viewers to tune in—especially during some of the quieter seasons—some finales still have Twitter talking.

What earns a spot on our most dramatic list includes a lack of proposals, The Bachelor or The Bachelorette toying with the final two's hearts, and my personal favorite: the old switcheroo on live television when The Bachelor or The Bachelorette changes their minds last minute.

The most memorable seasons, after all, are the ones with dramatic finales and heated After The Final Rose specials. It's even better when The Bachelor or The Bachelorette does something so shocking that they become a verb.

For example, if you leave both people at the end and don't propose you've Brad Womack-ed the final two; if you love both of your final two, you've pulled a Ben Higgins (still our favorite Bachelor), and lastly if you're emotionally ill-equipped and just downright insensitive you've Juan Pablo'd.

Click through the gallery above to revisit some of Bachelor's biggest scandals.

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