The Top 10 Most Dramatic 'Bachelor' Finales

Naledi Ushe

Since The Bachelor franchise entered into our lives almost 16-years ago, Chris Harrison has been delivering the same line to viewers: "This will be the most dramatic finale in Bachelor history."

And while most of the time it's just a big tease to entice viewers to tune in—especially during some of the quieter seasons—some finales still have Twitter talking.

What earns a spot on our most dramatic list includes a lack of proposals, The Bachelor or The Bachelorette toying with the final two's hearts, and my personal favorite: the old switcheroo on live television when The Bachelor or The Bachelorette changes their minds last minute.

The most memorable seasons, after all, are the ones with dramatic finales and heated After The Final Rose specials. It's even better when The Bachelor or The Bachelorette does something so shocking that they become a verb.

For example, if you leave both people at the end and don't propose you've Brad Womack-ed the final two; if you love both of your final two, you've pulled a Ben Higgins (still our favorite Bachelor), and lastly if you're emotionally ill-equipped and just downright insensitive you've Juan Pablo'd.

Click through the gallery above to revisit some of Bachelor's biggest scandals.

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