Mariah Carey Isn’t Coming to ‘Empire’ After All

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Mariah Carey isn’t coming to Empire after all

Despite Lee Daniels saying repeatedly that “Mariah is coming on,” there are currently no plans to have her on the show this season, according to Daniels’ fellow co-creator Danny Strong. The same goes for Oprah Winfrey. Strong tells The Hollywood Reporter: “None of those people are going to actually be on the show so I can’t control what names all of a sudden take off as being guest stars because they’re not.”

A past Fargo character is returning for Season 3

FX president John Landgraf wouldn’t reveal which character from Season 1 or 2 will be back for the 2010-set season, but he hinted there’s a possibility even more characters could return.

FX orders Tracy Morgan comedy pilot from Jordan Peele

The Key & Peele alum is co-creating a comedy in which Morgan plays a career criminal who has to learn to deal with modern society after 15 years behind bars.

Bill Maher starts a White House petition urging President Obama to visit Real Time

If the president could appear on Bear Grylls’ show and numerous talk show, why can’t he visit with Maher before his term is over?

FX tried to land Master of None and True Detective, but lost to “shock-and-awe levels of money and commitment”

“They just overwhelmed us with shock-and-awe levels of money and commitment,” says FX president John Landgraf. “It’s money ball, we’re competing against payrolls three or four times ours… You just accept the realities of the competitive environment you’re in, and try to compete and figure out the way.”

Neil Patrick Harris confirms role on Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

Harris tweeted: “I’m excitedish to portray Count Olaf – its spending all day with those three horrible child actors that will be a challenge. #sneer #shudder”

Ray Romano details filming his first nude/sex scene, on HBO

Romano tells Jimmy Fallon he wore “the sock thing” while filming his first sex scene for Vinyl.

FX has no idea when Louie will return

Louis CK’s acclaimed comedy is up in the air as its star producers four other shows.

Will Forte shaved off half his head and beard for Last Man on Earth

Check out Forte with his just a hairy left side of his face.

The Americans returns with Season 4 on March 16

FX also unveiled the Season 4 key art for the spy drama.

Netflix is preparing a Punisher spinoff series

Jon Bernthal’s Daredevil vigilante is set to star in the next Marvel TV series on Netflix.

American Horror Story Season 6 will be “set in two time periods”

FX president John Landgraf says Season 6 will mostly be set in the present.

FX’s Legion won’t crossover with X-Men films

The Noah Hawley-helmed series takes place in a parallel universe.