All ‘The Office’ Christmas Parties, Ranked

Jenna Fischer as Pam and John Krasinski as Jim in the 'A Benihana Christmas' episode of The Office
Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images
Jenna Fischer as Pam and John Krasinski as Jim in the "A Benihana Christmas" episode of The Office

Over the course of eight years, fans of The Office were rewarded with seven great holiday episodes. Arguably among the more memorable moments from the popular show, the episodes that aired during the holiday season saw many pranks, awkward party faux pas and heartwarming conclusions.

Below, we’ve ranked all of these episodes. But for those who have yet to join The Office bandwagon (nearly five years after the final season), beware, because there are plenty of big spoilers below.

7. ‘Christmas Wishes’

In this Season 6 episode, Andy (Ed Helms) is serving as the regional manager and is introducing his new girlfriend Jessica, to his co-workers, including his ex-girlfriend Erin (Ellie Kemper). Among the other happenings in The Office are a prank war between Jim (John Krasinksi) and Dwight (Rainn Wilson), as well as Robert California (James Spader) serving as a bartender. Now who wouldn’t call that a party?

6. ‘A Benihana Christmas’

As one of the first Christmas episodes, “A Benihana Christmas” centers on Michael’s (Steve Carell) turmoil following a sudden breakup with his real estate agent girlfriend Carol. To cheer him up, some of Michael’s co-workers bring him to a Benihana for lunch, while back at the office, the party planning committee has become divided. When Angela (Angela Kinsey) wants a Nutcracker themed shindig Phyllis (Phyllis Smith) is inadvertently forced to join her side against Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Karen (Rashida Jones), who want a karaoke raver.

5. ‘Moroccan Christmas’

This episode from Season 5 features Phyllis in charge, Dwight making a profit from selling a popular Christmas toy, and a very drunk Meredith (Kate Flannery). The party’s theme was determined when Phyllis took control of the party planning committee, this power shift correlated with Angela and Dwight’s affair for which Phyllis threatened to reveal.

Dwight on the other hand had no worries as he sold a princess doll to parents desperate for the popular toy, including Toby (Paul Lieberstein) and Darryl (Craig Robinson). The best part of the episode though is when Michael tries to check Meredith into rehab against her will, their parking lot scuffle is truly iconic.

4. ‘Christmas Party’

In the first-ever Christmas episode, The Office sets a tone for what Dunder Mifflin is like during the holiday season – crazy. Michael Scott quickly makes things uncomfortable when he buys an iPod as his Secret Santa gift for Ryan (B.J. Novak) and then becomes disappointed when his Secret Santa, Phyllis, gives him a handmade oven mitt.

Clearly Michael didn’t get his own memo about the $20 rule, so instead of accepting his gift, he forces the employees to change the gift exchange into a yankee swap. Obviously, the iPod was the most popular gift, much to Michael’s pleasure, but Jim was less than thrilled when his personal gift for Pam joins the rotation.

3. ‘Dwight Christmas’

On the eve of Jim’s departure from Dunder Mifflin as a full-time employee, Pam convinces the party planning committee to let Dwight proceed with his Pennsylvania Dutch themed festivities. On paper the concept seems wild, but in reality, it is even more awesome in its craziness, which includes Dwight dressing up as Belnickle – a folk-version of Santa Claus. Seeing Dwight pelt people with branches for being impish is something that no one knew they needed until it was a reality.

2. ‘Secret Santa’

This episode will forever be known as the one where Phyllis plays Santa, much to Michael’s petty dismay. While everyone else has accepted Phyllis’ rendition of Saint Nick, Michael attempts to do what he does best, steal the spotlight. In response to Santa, Michael’s one-up maneuver is to assume the role of Jesus, and proceeds to mock his employees who don’t engage in his antics. Ultimately, Michael realizes the error of his ways and apologizes to his work family, giving fans their perfect dose of fuzzy holiday feelings.

1. ‘Classy Christmas’

Aired as a special two-part episode, “Classy Christmas” is the party Michael plans when he finds out that Holly (Amy Ryan) will be returning to Scranton to fill in for Toby. For the first time, almost everyone in the office is satisfied with the holiday party plans, until Michael implements his new expensive theme.

Meanwhile, Dwight and Jim engage in multiple snowball fights throughout the day, and the exchanges are mostly one sided as Dwight brutally attacks his primary antagonist by hiding in snowmen. What “Classy Christmas” provides is plenty of iconic moments, one of which includes a Hugh Hefner-esque version of Santa played by a velour-robed Michael Scott, who keeps it “classy.”

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