‘Reign’ Takes a Twisted Turn When Mary Teams Up With Catherine


Fifty shades of Reign? The courtship between a recently widowed Mary (Adelaide Kane, front row, second from right) and a powerful new suitor—Don Carlos, Prince of Spain (Mark Ghanimé)—goes royally wrong in the midseason finale after he reveals a kinky fetish. “The idea started with the word sexhorse,” teases executive producer Laurie McCarthy, “and it just took off from there.”

Unsure of how to handle Don Carlos’s particular predilection, Mary turns to Catherine (Megan Follows), who agrees to help her former daughter-in-law do whatever is necessary to get an engagement and, ultimately, an alliance for Scotland. “When you have a problem in the bedroom, inviting Catherine in to fix it is maybe not the way to go,” McCarthy says with a laugh.

Catherine’s involvement leads to a shocking–and hilarious—scene that fans won’t soon forget. “We wanted to find a way that was in the style of Reign to force some levity into the show after Francis died,” McCarthy says.

Catherine also has her hands full trying to secure enough votes from the privy council to become France’s regent—a task that’s complicated by conniving council member and former lover Lord Narcisse (Craig Parker), who’s now married to Lola (Anna Popplewell). “The ideal woman for Narcisse would be a mix of Catherine and Lola,” McCarthy says, “but that’s incredibly hard to find. Unless you’re sleeping with both of them.”

Such dangerous liaisons will help usher in a new era for The CW’s costume drama when it returns next year. “We’re looking toward Mary claiming her throne in Scotland,” says McCarthy, who adds that Mary’s return to her homeland will escalate the conflict with cousin and rival Elizabeth I of England (Rachel Skarsten), as well as leave Catherine to rule in France. “We’re edging toward this incredible period in history where women ruled three nations [despite living in] patriarchal societies. It gives us three stages to play on.”

Reign, Midseason finale, Friday, Dec. 4, 8/7c, The CW