‘Big Brother’: A Week of No Comic Relief (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert
Josh Martinez on BIG BROTHER, Sunday, Sept. 10 (8:00 -- 9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

After more than ten weeks in the Big Brother house, players are bound to betrayal if they want to survive, and this week was no exception to that unspoken rule. Alliances were tested and shattered, loyalties severed and more than one eviction turned the house upside down.

Fans also got a welcome look inside the jury house where differing opinions nearly turned into a full out fight. So, for anyone who was unable to keep up, stick with this in depth recap, but beware of some shocking spoilers ahead, and don’t forget to check back here Wednesday night for finale recap of Big Brother Season 19.

The Cast

From the beginning of this season Alex was a strong competitor, her fellow houseguests knew it and even she knew it. After her closest ally, Jason, was tossed out of the house, she was on the defensive, and despite all the shady behavior from Paul, she still trusted him, and ultimately it was the kiss of death for this once promising contestant. When Josh won Head of Household, he nominated Alex and Kevin, and since Kevin seemed like the more obvious target, Alex didn’t worry too much.

Alex’s action of letting her guard down, blinded her to the fact that her “alliance” member, Paul was working to send her out. When Paul won the veto competition, Alex thought for sure that he’d give it to her, and in a last appeal, begged for him to use it, only to be disappointed. Ultimately, Alex’s downfall was primarily based on her strength as a competitor, yet her blindness when it came to Paul also sealed her fate.


This week was nearly the same as every other week this summer for Christmas, who despite her alliance with Josh and Paul, seems to do barely anything in the game. Sure, her social game is strong, but her inability to compete in physical challenges leaves her gameplay a little lackluster. Christmas’ big moment this week came during the second eviction ceremony where she was the sole vote responsible for sending someone out. Compared to her fellow final three competitors, it is difficult to see how she’ll stack up until the jurors convey which direction they’ll want to vote in.

Grab the tissues, because Josh is going to need them, or at least he really needed them this week. After feeling guilt over the eviction of Jason last week, Josh was feeling even worse when he nominated Alex for eviction after his HOH win. Despite his empathy for her, Josh was the final say so in Alex’s exit, as he had to break a tie in eviction votes.

There is no denying that Josh has accomplished something in this game though, going from the loud and chaotic competitor to becoming a real potential threat. Josh’s weakness would definitely be his emotions as he lets them get the better of himself more than often.


After weeks and weeks of hanging on and being on the eviction block four times in one week, this tough guy finally walked his last walk in the Big Brother house, right out the door. That’s right, Kevin made it to the final four without having won a single competition, only to “bite the dust” less than a week shy of the finale. This player’s ultimate downfall was tied to his reliance on Paul as an ally, thinking that the vet had his best interest at heart. Even though Paul could have used the veto to save Kevin, he didn’t show any bitterness as he said his final goodbyes.

When it comes to Paul, the saying, “don’t hate the player, hate the game,” understandably comes to mind. This entire summer Paul has manipulated his fellow houseguests, and up until now it would seem that it has worked out to his advantage. Every eviction, every decision can somehow be linked back to Paul, and even though he technically has no blood on his hands, it would seem the jury sees it differently.

After telling Alex that he would work with her at the beginning of the season, he had to make the difficult choice to not save her this week, and let her be evicted from the house. While he has relieved his own guilt, it doesn’t seem like Alex will see it his way when it comes time to vote on a winner. At this point, Paul’s victory is dependent on how his remaining competitors stack up against him in the eyes of the jury.


Most Dramatic Moment of the Week

There were a couple dramatic moments this week, the first of which would be every emotional moment that Josh went through. The next moment which is almost more sad than dramatic, would have to be the eviction ceremony where Alex was sent packing. In a last-ditch effort, Alex begged for mercy, asking for her fellow houseguests to give her a chance, knowing that her fate was pretty much sealed. Alex wasn’t the only one crying in her last few minutes of the game.

Another dramatic moment can be considered a special bonus, as tensions came to a head in the jury house. The fight was Matt and Raven against everyone else as the showmance couple tried to convince the other jurors that they were Paul’s closest allies, and that they were strong competitors, the other jurors were not having any of this.

Cutest and Funniest Moment of the Week

There were a couple funny moments this week, the first would definitely be Josh’s reaction to Paul’s fake crying. In new footage from the night Jason was evicted, Josh went off to show support for Alex, when Paul enters the room in full on tears. After Alex leaves, Paul’s tears immediately clear and he gives Josh a smile. Josh’s responding facial expression was worth every second, and should probably be the image next to an “ah-ha moment” in the dictionary.

The next moment would have to be Kevin’s comedic view of his constant position on the eviction block, claiming he felt like one of “the new kids” in reference to the nineties boy band, New Kids on the Block.



Unfortunately for the showmancers, they have no shot at the grand prize, but fans were treated to a glimpse in the jury house where five out of the six showmancers are staying. Then there was the reunion of the “nomancers,” Jason and Alex, where they resolved any confusion over Jason’s blind side eviction and restored their friendship.


The less competitors there are, the less excitement there seems to be, so this week has earned 4 vetos out of 5.