‘MasterChef’ Preview: Chefs Go Nuts for Doughnuts

MasterChef doughnuts
Chef Aaron Sanchez can't get enough of contestant Gabriel's Nutella-filled doughnuts in the Aug. 30 episode of MasterChef.

This week’s MasterChef mystery box challenge features a sweet surprise—Nutella.

In the first part of Aug. 30’s double episode, the nine remaining home cooks must recreate a family favorite dish using Nutella as the key ingredient.

In this exclusive preview, Chef Aaron Sanchez does some serious nom-nom-nom on contestant Gabriel’s deluxe doughnuts.

Check it Out!

As Homer Simpson would say, “Mmmmmmm, doughnuts.” If you’re drooling over one Nutella-infused dish, imagine tasting eight more dishes infused with chocolate-hazelnut goodness!

Also in the double episode,  after one cook wins the mystery box challenge, the eight remaining pair up to compete in a Mexican-themed tag team challenge, and elimination is on the line. Then, the top eight head to Big Bear Lake to cook fresh fish.

MasterChef, Wednesdays, 8/7c, Fox