Wrecked Season Finale Preview: Danny and Owen Try to Escape a Sinking Ship

Brian Sacca - Wrecked
Brian Sacca in TBS's Wrecked

When locked in a caged cell on a sinking cruise ship it is important to have a solid reference point for how to potentially escape with your life. Most of us probably go straight to Titanic, but we all know how that turned out.

Fortunately, on Tuesday night’s season finale of Wrecked, Danny (Brian Sacca) has a better plan to spring himself and Owen (Zach Cregger) from their maritime prison, and that involves asking one crucial question: What would Mel Gibson do? (In movies, though, not real life. It’s probably a good idea to do the opposite of most things Mel Gibson has done in his actual life over the past decade or so.)

The answer: dislocate his shoulder so that he can reach the keys to their cell, which are conveniently hanging just out of reach. It’s apparently what Mel Gibson does in all of his movies.

But will it work for Danny and Owen? Will they escape their watery death trap or will they go down with the ship? You’ll have to watch the Wrecked season finale to find out. In the meantime, check out the exclusive clip below.

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