What Makes Community’s Joel McHale Laugh? (VIDEO)


With Community‘s sixth season soon to start, we sat down with Joel McHale. He’s made us all laugh as Jeff Winger, but we wanted to know what he thinks is funny.

“The Geico ad with the goat scapegoat named Rick,” he confesses. “I do not work for Geico, they have never paid me a dime, and I could watch that on a loop for days.”

But wait, there’s more: “I laughed out loud watching The Last Man [on Earth.] I’m not trying to promote my own interview with Will Forte. But they gave me an advance copy of the first two episodes and I laughed out loud, which does not happen to me usually when I am alone.”

The show had its ups and downs during its years on NBC; beginning March 17, it’ll get a fresh start on Yahoo Screen. Will there be more — and more of McHale as Winger — in the future?

“How dare you think that Community will ever die. Community, as I’ve always said, is like herpes — it doesn’t go away unless you kill the host. It will always be with you,” he says, “And you always should tell your partner about it.”


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