‘The Mick’: Mickey Finally Reveals Her Last Name (VIDEO)

The Mick, Thomas Barbusca, Kaitlin Olson, Scott MacArthur
John P Fleenor/FOX
(L-R): Thomas Barbusca, Kaitlin Olson and Scott MacArthur in the 'The Wolf' episode of The Mick.

Mickey. Mackenzie. The Mick. For a singular mess, The Mick‘s leading lady (Kaitlin Olson) sure has a lot of names…and has been called a lot of names. But we have never known her last name—until now.

In this exclusive clip from Tuesday’s episode, Mickey—while both siphoning gas from a car dealership and dispensing terrible dating advice—reveals her full and fittingly unusual name to Chip (Thomas Barbusca). And just remember: You have to say it from the back of your throat.

The Mick, Tuesdays, 8:31/7:31c, Fox