Will ‘Elsbeth’ Season 2 Bring in Anyone From ‘The Good Wife’ or ‘Fight’?

Carrie Preston as Elsbeth Tascioni — 'Elsbeth' Episode 4
Michael Parmelee / CBS

Elsbeth may follow a character who previously recurred on The Good Wife and The Good Fight, but there’s little connection to the previous two series. Sure, Cary Agos (who was played by Matt Czuchry) was mentioned in the series premiere, as someone who could come in and replace Elsbeth (Carrie Preston), but that was it. Could that change in Season 2?

“People keep saying, are you going to have guest stars from The Good Wife? I mean, we’re in a different city. We have very little real estate, and it’s hard because the real money for guest stars usually goes to the murderer. And I don’t think Diane Lockhart [Christine Baranski] is going to kill anybody,” showrunner Jonathan Tolins told TV Insider.

“I’m certainly open to it. I would love for it to happen if we can work it out somehow,” he continued. “I always think TV fans sometimes think of characters as crayons that you can just pick up and use. But it’s like, there’s budget, there’s schedule, there’s lots of things going on. So it’s tricky.”

What also works for Elsbeth—due to the nature of the show as well as the character played by Preston, who was in and out of the previous two series—is that it stands well on its own.

“We also believe that you don’t have to know anything about The Good Fight or The Good Wife to watch our show. It’s just sort of little fun things,” Tolins said. “It’d be great to have one of those people. We did use Elsbeth’s history a lot. We realized her son would be in his 20s now. And so we have Teddy off stage so far, and she did talk about her dog Tom when she brings Gonzo home. So we’re keeping the history alive, but I’m certainly open to it. I would love to see some of those people show up. We’ll see what we can do now that we have a bigger canvas. Working with more episodes, we might be able to do it.”

Who from The Good Wife or Fight would you like to appear on Elsbeth? Let us know in the comments section, below.

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