How ‘Loki’ Season 2 Is Dipping Into McDonald’s Archives for Sylvie’s Story

Sophia Di Martino in 'Loki' Season 2
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Loki‘s long-awaited second season grows closer with each passing day, and while many of the details surrounding the next chapter in the God of Mischief’s (Tom Hiddleston) story remain under wraps, one thing is for certain, he’s going to McDonald’s.

Yes, Loki will head to the golden arches seemingly in search of Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) after leaving things unfinished between the duo in Season 1. As revealed in the Season 2 trailer, Sylvie is working at the fast food staple, albeit in a time not parallel to our own, instead opting for the 1980s.

In celebration of the trip back in time, McDonald’s transformed one of its Brooklyn locations, outfitting it with retro decorations, TVA gear, and Loki and Sylvie’s costumes. The company’s historian, Mike Bullington, was also on-site to answer questions about McDonald’s role in Season 2.

Sylvie's McDonald's Costume for 'Loki' Season 2

(Credit: Leah Williams)

As an archivist, Bullington acknowledges the details he’s most excited for fans to see, saying, “Something as simple as Sylvie’s name tag,” is a big deal. “They wanted the authentic name tag from that period,” he adds of the show’s team. “Of course, there were several designs, but to be able to provide that was really cool.”

Calling it a “Once in a lifetime project for an archivist,” Bullington added, “They had storyboards that they wanted me to work with, so I sent them a lot of images of restaurant interiors, exteriors. We sent actual uniforms, cash registers, and equipment for behind the cash register. So again, we tried to make it as authentic as possible.”

While some of the items fans will see onscreen were recreated, Bullington noted, “A lot of the restaurant equipment was original. Some of the other props, like the straw dispenser was original. So they tried to use quite a bit of [original] materials.”

“Just like Sylvie in the show,” the props are “going back in time,” shared Bullington. Such was the case for this special Loki pop-up at the Bay Parkway Brooklyn McDonald’s which offered fans a closer look at the Loki-McDonald’s ties through September 1. In the meantime, fans will have to stay tuned for more details on the fast food company’s Marvel cameo when Season 2 arrives on Disney+.

And while the promotional aspect is certainly something to consider, Bullington set the record straight, saying the show’s team at Marvel “came to McDonald’s. They said, ‘Where would Sylvie eat in the early 1980s? McDonald’s, of course.'”

If you’re looking for a little taste of Loki at McDonald’s fans can order the As Featured In Meal featuring newly-branded Sweet ‘N’ Sour sauce.

Additional Reporting by Leah Williams

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