‘Chicago Med’: Who’s Returning for Season 7?

Chicago Med Season 6 Will Sharon Charles
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Chicago Med may have said goodbye to two original cast members, Yaya DaCosta (nurse April Sexton) and Torrey DeVitto (Dr. Natalie Manning), in the Season 6 finale, but it won’t be losing anyone else.

S. Epatha Merkerson (chief administrator Sharon Goodwin), Oliver Platt (Dr. Daniel Charles), Nick Gehlfuss (Dr. Will Halstead), and Brian Tee (Dr. Ethan Choi) have signed multi-year contracts, Deadline reports. Charge nurse Maggie Lockwood isn’t going anywhere either; Marlyne Barrett is already signed on for Season 7. (Med has already been renewed through Season 8.)

Two of those new deals mean we’ll get to see some of the loose Season 6 finale threads tied up onscreen. Sharon had fired Will after he took the blame for Natalie stealing meds from a trial to help her mother. However, Natalie confessed in the final scene, and with Gehlfuss returning in Season 7, chances are Will either already be back at the hospital when the premiere begins or return soon after. We do, however, expect there to be more conflict between Will and Sharon (when isn’t there?) as a result of what went down in the finale.

Meanwhile, Ethan was shot, and how much we see of his recovery will likely depend on when Season 7 picks up. But we do expect his personal life to be in flux; he and his ex-girlfriend April were seemingly taking steps to a reunion in the finale, but DaCosta has left.

Chicago Med Season 6 Ethan Maggie

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Plus, the daughter Maggie gave up for adoption, med student Vanessa (Asjha Cooper), revealed she knows who the nurse is — and didn’t want anyone at the hospital to find out.

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