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A middle-class teenager and the rest of the Cunningham family — father Howard, mother Marion, son Richie, daughter Joanie, and local bad boy Fonzie — enjoys life in 1950s Milwaukee.

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1974–1984 Series 11 Seasons257 Episodes

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Tuesday, May 28

Fonzie and Leather Tuscadero

Season 5 • Episode 9

Joanie runs away from home determined to tour with Leather Tuscadero and the Suedes.

Wednesday, May 29

Bye Bye Blackball

Season 5 • Episode 11

Richie must decide whether to join a fraternity after he is told not to associate with his friends.

Thursday, May 30

Requiem for a Malph

Season 5 • Episode 12

Ralph is forced into a boxing match with a football bruiser over the affections of a girl.

Friday, May 31

Nose for News

Season 5 • Episode 13

Fonzie helps Richie expose something rotten in the city's sanitation department.

Monday, June 3

Grandpa's Visit

Season 5 • Episode 14

Howard's father, a dynamic go-getter, arrives at the Cunningham home determined to find new life.

Tuesday, June 4

Potsie Gets Pinned

Season 5 • Episode 15

Potsie panics when he faces the fraternity initiation for being pinned to a sorority girl.

Wednesday, June 5

Joanie's First Kiss

Season 5 • Episode 16

Howard is finally persuaded to allow Joanie to go on a date; Joanie gets her first kiss.

Thursday, June 6

Marion's Misgivings

Season 5 • Episode 17

Marion transforms herself into a veiled beauty when she fears she might lose Howard.

Friday, June 7

Richie Almost Dies

Season 5 • Episode 18

Fonzie spends a lonely vigil praying for Richie to pull through after a motorcycle accident.

Monday, June 10

Spunkless Spunky

Season 5 • Episode 19

Fonzie's dog Spunky ends up on Dr. Joyce Brothers' couch for psychological therapy.

Tuesday, June 11

Be My Valentine

Season 5 • Episode 20

Joanie's date for the dance at Arnold's is canceled at the last minute.

Wednesday, June 12

Our Gang

Season 5 • Episode 21

Fonzie recalls his experience as a gang leader to convince Chachi that it's not so cool.

Thursday, June 13

My Favorite Orkan

Season 5 • Episode 22

Richie is visited by Mork from the planet Ork who wants to take him back as a specimen.

Friday, June 14

The Fourth Anniversary Show

The Cunninghams rehash their past for Lori Beth.

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