Henry Winkler on His ‘Almost Sadistic’ Character on HBO’s ‘Barry’ (VIDEO)


Is there anybody more beloved in television than Henry Winkler?

Sure, we all remember him as Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzerelli on the ABC comedy hit, Happy Days, but he’s been a regular on our TVs since that series went off the air in 1983. He was seedy lawyer Barry Zuckercorn on Arrested Development, Hoosier physician Dr. Saperstein on Parks and Recreation, part of the wacky world of Childrens Hospital, and even played the father to Mark Feuerstein on Royal Pains.

Of course, Winkler is also currently a part of NBC’s reality series Better Late Than Never with William Shatner, and now, just last week, he debuted a new character: acting teacher Gene Cousineau on HBO’s Barry. In the new comedy, Gene takes on Bill Hader’s hired killer Barry as a new student .

As Winkler told us when he stopped by our video suite at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, Cousineau is the kind of acting teacher that looks at how much green is in his student’s wallet before anything else. In addition to weighing in on the new series, the actor looked back at some of his own acting teachers—plus, is he still worried about being typecast as The Fonz?

Barry, Sundays, 10:30/9:30c, HBO.