‘You’: Meet the New London Socialites in Joe’s Season 4 Orbit (PHOTOS)

'You' Season 4 cast

Hello, You Season 4 cast. Netflix‘s obsessive hit returns for Season 4 Part 1 on February 9, and with it comes a new collection of characters joining Joe Goldberg’s sphere. Unfortunately for them, they have no idea what danger that spells for all of them. And unfortunately for Joe, it seems his past could be sneaking up on him this season.

Penn Badgley stars as the murderous stalker who’s now living in London under the guise of professor Jonathan Moore. Last we saw him, he had jetted over to Europe after murdering his wife, the equally murderous Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), left their son with another couple, and was looking for his new victim, Marienne (Tati Gabrielle).

“After his previous life went up in flames, Joe Goldberg has fled to Europe to escape his ‘messy’ past, adopt a new identity, and, of course, to pursue true love,” the You Season 4 logline teases. “But Joe soon finds himself in the strange new role of reluctant detective as he discovers he may not be the only killer in London. Now, his future depends on identifying and stopping whoever’s targeting his new friend group of uber-wealthy socialites.”

Penn Badgley in 'You' Season 4


That killer may know Joe’s true identity, and in the Season 4 trailer, Badgley’s creepy sleuth theorizes this “Eat the Rich Killer” could be one of the elites in his new social scene. Making up this new “it” crowd are Charlotte RitchieLukas GageEd Speleers, Tilly Keeper, Amy-Leigh Hickman, Niccy Lin, Aidan Cheng, Brad Alexander, Ozioma Whenu, Eve Austin, Dario Coates, and Stephen Hagan.

Ahead of the new episodes (Season 4 Part 2 drops March 9), we’ve compiled the photos Netflix has shared so far. Get to know the new cast and characters of You Season 4, below.

You, Season 4 Part 1 Premiere, Thursday, February 9, Netflix

Penn Badgley in 'You' Season 4

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg/Jonathan Moore

Literature professor Jonathan Moore is Joe’s alias in the Big Smoke. The notoriously creepy anti-hero (somehow, the internet adores him — Badgley does not) will once again try to convince himself he’s not a horrible person in the new season. But we know he can’t help himself. Can he keep up appearances as he becomes a reluctant sleuth trying to find the “Eat the Rich Killer”?

Viewers have previously seen Badgley in the original Gossip Girl, John Tucker Must Die, and Easy A.

Ed Speleers and Penn Badgley in 'You' Season 4

Ed Speleers as Rhys Montrose

Rhys is an aspiring politician whose memoir catches Joe’s/Jonathan’s eye through one of his students, Nadia (pictured below). He was born into poverty until he suddenly came into money, affording him luxuries like attending Oxford and making friends with the elites in Joe’s new sphere. He’s the most level-headed of the group of socialites because of his upbringing, but their privileged lives compared to his troubled past place an uncomfortable strain on their bonds.

Fans have previously seen Speleers in Outlander, Downton Abbey, and Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands.

Charlotte Ritchie in 'You' Season 4

Charlotte Ritchie as Kate

Poor Kate is most likely going to be Joe’s new obsession in Season 4, but she dislikes him from their first meeting. She’s a smart, independent art gallery director who has embraced being an “icy bitch,” but as photos from the season hint, her disinterest in Joe may fade. (Dear lord, we hope it doesn’t. Follow your first instinct, Kate!)

Ritchie has been seen in the British Ghosts, Netflix’s Feel Good, and Call the Midwife.

Stephen Hagan in 'You' Season 4

Stephen Hagan as Malcolm

Malcolm is Kate’s boyfriend and Joe’s in with his new crowd. Both professors at the same school, Malcolm introduces Joe to his Oxford friends.

Hagan has been seen in Hope StreetThe Larkins, Lucky Man, and played Leonardo da Vinci in Netflix’s Medici.

Lukas Gage in 'You' Season 4

Lukas Gage as Adam

Adam is heir to his family’s wealth and owner of the posh London club in which this crew loves to party. He’s an American ex-pat and dating Tilly Keeper’s Lady Phoebe (below). Adam and Joe start as friends, but Adam becomes increasingly suspicious.

Gage was part of that scene in The White Lotus Season 1 with Murray Bartlett. He was also in Season 1 of Euphoria.

Tilly Keeper in 'You' Season 4

Tilly Keeper as Lady Phoebe

Lady Phoebe and Kate are best friends, and Phoebe is dating Adam. She has a large social media following that loves to see updates on her relationship with Adam.

Keeper is known for playing Louise Mitchell in EastEnders.

Aidan Cheng in 'You' Season 4

Aidan Cheng as Simon Soo

Simon is one of the few in the crew who doesn’t like Joe when they meet. He’s an artist and the son of an entrepreneur and sister to Sophie (below). Kate is helping him stage his next art exhibition.

Cheng has previously been seen in Silent WitnessDevilsThe Girlfriend Experience, and Harlots.

Niccy Lin in 'You' Season 4

Niccy Lin as Sophie Soo

Sophie and Simon’s dad is a tech entrepreneur, and she enjoys a lavish life because of it. Her social following is in the millions, making her a more well known face than her brother. She’s very protective of her introverted brother and her public image — her social feed is heavily curated and sponsored.

Viewers have seen Lin in The Great, Drifters, and Treadstone.

Ben Wiggins in 'You' Season 4

Ben Wiggins as Roald

Roald comes from a family of aristocrats and is a good friend of Kate’s, but he has a dark side to him.

Wiggins has previously appeared in The Sandman, The WitcherHollyoaks, Grantchester, and A Discovery Of Witches.

Ozioma Whenu in 'You' Season 4

Ozioma Whenu as Blessing

Blessing is a Nigerian princess who has several graduate degrees under belt already. She’s an investor getting into crypto and similar to her friends, lacks empathy for the less well off.

Whenu can be seen in The Witcher: Blood Origin.

Dario Coates in 'You' Season 4

Dario Coates as Connie

Connie, another person from the O.G. Oxford crew, loves to party.

Coates has been seen in Coronation Street and Rules of the Game and has also done voiceover work for video games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Total War: Warhammer II.

Eve Austin in 'You' Season 4

Eve Austin as Gemma

Following her time at Oxford, Gemma has gotten herself cancelled several times over for offensive tweets, but she couldn’t care less about it. Her main concern is keeping her social life bustling.

Austin has been seen in The AthenaPrint, and The ABC Murders.

Amy-Leigh Hickman in 'You' Season 4

Amy-Leigh Hickman as Nadia Farran

Nadia is one of Joe/Jonathan’s students who aspires to be a professional writer. She admires Jonathan as a teacher and with her outspoken personality, befriends him. She’s not wealthy like the rest of her friends, taking on small jobs to get by. It makes her a bit of an outcast among her classmates.

Hickman has previously starred in EastEndersTracy Beaker Returns, The Dumping Ground, Ackley Bridge, and Innocent.