7 Reasons You Should Be Watching ‘Yellowstone’ If You’re Not Already

Luke Grimes, Wes Bentley, Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly in Yellowstone
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Maybe you’ve never heard of Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone or even the Paramount Network, but chances are that’s going to change with the Kevin Costner-led drama finally getting the award recognition it deserves. (It was nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series for the 2022 Screen Actors Guild Awards as well as for the Producers Guild of America Awards’ Norman Felton Award for Outstanding Producer of Episodic Television — Drama.)

The series follows the Dutton family (led by Costner’s John), who controls the largest contiguous cattle ranch in the United States. The Duttons face conflict from all sides — including the expanding town, an Indian reservation, and each other. It’s that last one that makes this a must-watch drama. Trust us: Once you start watching, you’ll be hooked.

Scroll down for the seven reasons you should be using the time you have until Season 5 (which begins production in May) and watching Yellowstone. (Note: We’ve tried to be as vague as possible when it comes to some of the twists, but there may be spoilers ahead for what’s aired through the Season 4 finale.)

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Gil Birmingham as Rainwater, Luke Grimes as Kayce in Yellowstone
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A Stellar Cast

It starts with the Duttons and continues through the people that populate the world of the ranch and beyond. Kelly Reilly (Beth), Wes Bentley (Jamie), Luke Grimes (Kayce), and Dave Annable (Lee) play John’s children. Kelsey Asbille (Monica) and Brecken Merrill (Tate) play Kayce’s wife and son. In Jamie’s world is Will Patton’s Garrett Randle. Gil Birmingham’s Chief Thomas Rainwater is both friend and foe to John, with Mo Brings Plenty’s Mo his advisor.

Cole Hauser’s Rip Wheeler is the foreman of the ranch (and Beth’s love). Making up the rest of the world of the Duttons’ ranch are: Forrie J. Smith (Lloyd), Ian Bohen (Ryan), Denim Richards (Colby), Jefferson White (Jimmy), Ryan Bingham (Walker), Jen Landon (Teeter), and Finn Little (Carter).

Other notable cast members over the years include: Danny Huston (Dan Jenkins), Neal McDonough (Malcolm Beck), Terry Serpico (Teal Beck), Josh Holloway (Roarke Morris), Jacki Weaver (Caroline Warner), Hugh Dillon (Sheriff Donnie Haskell), Piper Perabo (Summer Higgins), Wendy Moniz (Governor Perry), and Sheridan himself.

Kelly Reilly as Beth, Kevin Costner as John in Yellowstone
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Characters You Root for and Against

These characters are far from perfect. But it’s the imperfections — and the wrong decisions, like one Jamie makes when he’s younger, and questionable moves, like ones Beth is responsible for involving her brother and Summer later — that make us want to keep watching these characters. That’s also where a lot of the drama comes from, resulting in explosive confrontations and some of the best acting on the show.

Cole Hauser as Rip, Kelly Reilly as Beth in Yellowstone
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A Romance You Want to Succeed

Is there anything better than a relationship you can follow through its ups and downs? Yellowstone certainly gives us that in Beth and Rip, and their history (and heartbreak) makes it all the sweeter.

Kevin Costner as John, Wes Bentley as Jamie in Yellowstone
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A Very Complicated Family

Yes, the Duttons will stand together against their enemies to protect their land (for the most part), but it’s even more interesting when they’re at odds, as happens a few memorable times, especially for John and Jamie, Beth and Jamie, and John and Beth. And when secrets come out? It makes for even juicier television.

Ian Bohen as Ryan, Kevin Costner as John, Denim Richard as Colby in Yellowstone
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Fun & Drama in the Bunkhouse and Around the Ranch

The bunkhouse, in which the ranch hands live and have some down time, is both the site of entertaining card games and dramatic fights (and they really don’t want John and Rip to have to intervene). Bringing in characters like Teeter, Mia (Eden Brolin), and Laramie (Hassie Harrison) has contributed to both. Often, taking a trip out there is a nice break from the heavier stuff going on elsewhere.

Cole Hauser as Rip, Luke Grimes as Kayce, Kevin Costner as John in Yellowstone
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Many Twists & Turns

It all starts with the series premiere and a significant death and continues on as familial secrets are revealed and a season ends with multiple assassination attempts. Even if you think you see at least some of them coming, you’ll still be on the edge of your seat waiting to watch how they all play out.

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Gorgeous Scenery

Just take a look at the photo above. Whether it’s the Dutton ranch, the surrounding land, or Texas, it’s worth it to watch this show just for the locations.